You Need To Have Money To Spend Money

“I’m at McDonald’s, trying to buy myself something to eat, and my card didn’t work. When I checked online to see why it said you took over two hundred dollars off my card. I only stayed for one night. You need to put that money back on my card!” said the angry man, on the phone.

“Did you get charged for more than one night?” I asked.

“I’m not leaving until tomorrow, but you charged me for two nights. I need to eat!”

I took his information and looked for his reservation. The man was checked in for a two-night stay. Like most hotels, we don’t take the payment until the guest checks out.

“We didn’t charge your card yet. When you checked in, we swiped your card and we verified that your card can cover the full cost of your stay including taxes and fees.”

“You took all my money!”

“All we did was verify that your card will cover your bill. We aren’t taking all of your money.”

“You can’t do that, how am I supposed to eat? I need to eat, man!”

“Sir, I can’t do anything about your money. That is the money you are using to pay for your room. Your bank is holding that money until you check out. If you need that same money to pay for your happy meal, then you won’t have the money to cover the full cost of your stay.”

“What am I supposed to do about my food?” asked the man, as if I was being completely unfair.

“I don’t know what you ordered but I would suggest trying something from the dollar menu.”

What the hell are some people thinking? Do people like him think that by having just enough money to pay for the hotel it will also cover the cost of other expenses? I bet he didn’t expect there to be taxes added to the total cost of his stay. Perhaps he just does whatever he wants without considering his financial situation, which it seemed to me was exactly what going on in this situation.

“I don’t want the dollar menu, I want my meal and my hot fudge ice cream sundae.”

“Sometimes we can’t get the full meal with the hot fudge sundae. Sometimes we have to settle for just the plain old hamburger.”

“This isn’t funny. I am going to wait right here on the phone with you, here in the McDonald’s dining room and wait until you do what I need. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir. I think I’m picking up what you’re putting down.”

“I hope we’re on the same page now.”

“Absolutely, I am rocking what you are rolling. Please hold,” I said.

I put him on hold immediately and forgot about him for the rest of my shift.


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