Just Shut Up And Take Your Points!

Sometimes companies will hire a travel agency to make living arrangements for their employees. The nice thing about the person doing the traveling is, not only does their employer pay for everything, but the employee can sign up for our rewards program, and earn his or her own points to use for a free personal stay in the future. If you travel as part of your job, this is a pretty nice perk, and most of our members take full advantage of this.

Unfortunately, sometimes a company will hire a travel agent who ends up booking through Expedia, and Priceline. When people use those companies, their membership rewards will not be applied. If they were to book directly through the hotel, or on the company website, or app, they would get all of the perks promised to them for being members, and they can still get good online deals.

A gentleman approached me after he already checked in. He told me he is a member and wanted to make sure his member number was attached to his reservation. His issue was that he was not seeing his rewards points being added to his profile, and that was concerning him. It turns out that his employer was booking through Expedia. Bummer dude. I explained why he wasn’t getting his points, but that didn’t sit well with him.

“What do you mean my company booked with Expedia? We hire a travel agency for that.”

“It looks like your travel agency booked your room on Expedia. It seems kind of pointless to hire a travel agent if all they are going to do is go on Expedia… Talk about lazy…”

“What about my points? Where did they go?”

“Your points didn’t actually go anywhere. When you book a room on one of those third parties, you can’t apply membership points for that stay. Unfortunately, that’s why you haven’t seen any points added to your profile.”

“I’m not earning any points?”

“Unfortunately, nope.”

He stood still for a moment. He was looking at me, but I could see that he was processing some information in his head.

“I’m a long time member. I want you to give me my points.”

“I can’t actually do that. I can add your member number to the reservation, but the points won’t be added. What I can do is…”

“So I’m getting screwed.”

While we were talking, I decided to open his profile. I saw that he stayed three other times, and each time, he used Expedia. I could also see that he was one of our highest level rewards members. Making him happy, unfortunately, was a priority.

“Well, no. Your boss is paying for the room, so nobody is screwing anyone. It’s just unfortunate that they used Expedia. I am going to do this…”

Sure… Just as I was about to give him some good news, he cut me off.

“I was planning on using the points to get a room for my anniversary.”

“That sounds nice… So, I am going to go ahead and…”

So, I have good news! How about you shut the hell up so I can resolve the issue!

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

I took a step back and leaned against the wall. The man stood there and stared at me with bewilderment on his face.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m waiting for my moment.”

“What moment?”

“My moment to show how completely awesome I am.”


I finally had his full attention. He was a bit confused, but at least he wasn’t interrupting me anymore.

“I see that you stayed here at least three other times, and each of those times, your room was booked through Expedia. Unfortunately, you never earned points because we don’t offer points when rooms are reserved that way. Before you get extra frustrated, I am going to go ahead and have some extra points added to your profile.”

“Really? You can do that?”

“Only sort of. You should tell your employer to tell your travel agent to quit using Expedia. Instead, use our app. You can book early and get the same savings, but you will still be able to add your member number, and receive all of your benefits.”

“Oh man… I was ready to get mad at you.”

“I know… I was ready to tell you… tough shit, pal… But, here we are, being nice to each other, and stuff.”

Problem solved.20170522_021443


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