I Don’t Think She Expected That…

Prank calls make my job awesome! I love an excuse to screw with people for my own enjoyment.

The phone rang, and a girl started talking. “Hello? My parents are staying at your hotel. I need to contact them.”
“Okay, what is your name?” I asked.
“My name is Margret. Can you please get my parents for me?” I heard another person whispering to her. I couldn’t make out what was said, but the muffled giggles gave it all away. I wrote down the number from the caller I.D..
“First, I need to know who you are trying to contact. I also cannot give information about guests, over the phone. If the people you need are here, I can contact them, and inform them that you need them to call you. Have you already tried calling them directly?” We live in a world where everyone has a phone in their pocket. Nobody, actually needs a hotel desk attendant to contact anyone these days. I heard the other person whisper something about a hospital, and then more giggles.
“I tried their phones, but they won’t answer. My little brother ate something, and got sick. He had to go to the emergency room. He might die! I need you to get me my parents!”
“Oh my God! You must be terrified!”
“Please hurry! I begged them not to go, and now my brother might die!” The dramatic tone in her voice was a bit over the top, but I can work with that.
“Okay… Uh… Give me their names and I will run right to their room! Hell, I will kick down the friggin door if I have to. I am not letting your brother die on my shift!”
“The last name is Smith. Please hurry!” Was that fake crying, I could hear? I made loud typing sounds on my keyboard. Then I did my best impression of Christopher Lloyd from Back To The Future.
“Great Scott! We have five rooms named Smith! Which one is your parents?”
“It’s Tom, and Sherri.” Tom and Sherri? Really? I was curious if she was recently watching any classic cartoons that might have inspired that one… I made a few more typing sounds, and then I said…
“Okay, I found them! I am going to run to their room and talk directly to them. I can put you on hold until I know more.” I did just that, and then I went to the kitchen for a blueberry muffin, because those things are friggin delicious!

After a few minutes past, I noticed the girl hung up. I could have let it go, but I wasn’t finished with my counter-prank. I called back the number that I wrote down. The girl answered. “Hello?”
“Oh, God! I am so glad I was able to contact you! I just got off the phone with the police. They are on their way right now. Miss, I am so sorry. I have no clue how to say this….”
“When I knocked on your parents door, nobody answered so I forced my way into the room… Oh my God… I am so sorry.”
“Holy shit. I have never seen dead bodies before. Please forgive me. I am trying to keep myself composed.”
“What the hell?”
“I am sorry. I found your parents in their room. They are both dead. I have no clue how this happened. The police are almost here. I gave them your phone number so they can contact you immediately… Oh my God, this is terrible!” She panicked.
“I was just kidding! My parents are at home. Don’t give the police my number!”
“I don’t see what is funny about finding dead people in a hotel room! I already gave the police the number. I am sure they will be contacting you soon.” I could hear the anxiety in her voice.
“Wait! I’m sorry!”
I hung up. I had a blueberry muffin, and fresh coffee to deal with.snapshot_20170124_84


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