Get Out Of The Hallway, And Why aren’t You Wearing Pants?

After taking off my coat, and clocking-in for my shift, I went to the dining room for a cup of coffee. There were four teenage guys eating McDonald’s, and watching MTV. I could tell they were part of a hockey team, because the entire dining room smelled like a locker room. I found it difficult to breathe. “Hey, what does MTV stand for?” said one of them. I immediately laughed-out-loud, but kept my thoughts to myself.

Two hours into my shift, I started hearing massive amounts of stomping above my head. I went to the second floor to investigate. Before entering the hallway, I heard… “Okay, now act all tough, be macho…” I discovered two teenage guys wearing only black boxer-briefs. They were running down the hallway making strongman poses as they stomped away from me.

“Excuse me.” I said. They both turned around, screaming like kids. I think I startled them. “You two are making far too much noise. Now please go back to your rooms, and put your pants on before walking in my hallways.” They rushed back to their room.

Twenty minutes later, I heard more of the same pounding, coming from the second floor. I walked up the stairs. I discovered the same two guys. They were knocking on their teammates doors, and hiding in the corners of the doorways. “Are you two going to force me to check these hallways all night?” I said. They both bolted to their room as soon as I spoke to them. I waited out-of-view of their door peep-hole. The same two guys opened the door, and tiptoed out wearing only their underwear. They stopped, frozen in place, as soon as they noticed me standing there with my arms crossed. After the surprised expression cleared from their faces, they walked back to their room. I feel like the principle in The Breakfast Club.

The hockey kids think it’s funny to prank-call my desk. I think it’s funny that I control the Wi-Fi access, and programmed 4am wake-up calls for the entire team.



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