I’m A Problem Solver

There was a note for me in the front desk log book. I clocked-in, and read it. “I don’t know why the pancake machine won’t work. Can you help?”  I discovered the insides of the machine were removed, and placed in the kitchen.mms_picture4 So, I wrote my own note…

It appears the issue with the pancake machine is, someone took it apart, and left the insides in the kitchen. The machine works best when you leave the parts inside the machine… I put the machine back together. You need to order new belts. It’s gonna cost ya, and the alternator seems to be going. I also did an oil change, but I think the steering needs an adjustment. Also, I can’t seem to get the clock to stop blinking 12:00, and I’m pretty sure the dinglehopper is missing. 


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