You Never Know Who You Might Run Into At The Hotel

A man entered the hotel with a woman and asked me for a king bed for the night. It was a quick and easy check-in. I gave him the key-card, they went off to their room. I love when people just hand me their credit card and let me do my job. After the man turned the corner, a woman entered the building, smiled kindly at me, and walked to the elevator. I assumed she was waiting for the elevator to return, but she stood there and watched the numbers change, above the doors, as it went up. Once it stopped, she ran up the stairs.

A few minutes later, she returned and asked for a room on the third floor. I was curious why she seemed to be acting so strange. My assumption was that she was already checked-in, considering she never came to the desk first. I started making her reservation, and it all made sense when she handed me her I.D. She has the same last name as the guy who checked in with that lady moments before who. I guess that lady isn’t his wife.

“What brings you to the area tonight?” I asked.

“Personal business.” She said. The smile on her face gave me the willies. I finished the reservation process, gave her the room-key, and watched her walk away.

It was a quiet night. I expected drama and blood. Nothing happened. I was a bit surprised. Breakfast was ready by 6 am, and people started making their way into the dining room. The man and the lady who is not his wife started eating. They were smiling, and they seemed quite happy. It wasn’t long before the wife walked in. She made herself a cup of coffee and a plate of food. Then she walked right over to her husband. His face turned pale.

“It sounded like the two of you had lots of fun last night. Eat up. You need to replace that energy.” I stood at the desk watching this unfold. The woman who checked-in with him apparently didn’t know he’s married, because she smiled, and apologized for disturbing her sleep. The husband just sat there. Apparently, he was in shock. The wife sat at the table next to them and started eating her breakfast. The man, then mentioned something about not feeling well, and he walked away; his companion followed him, and his wife finished her meal. She checked out when she finished eating. I never saw the husband after that. My guess is he snuck out the side door to avoid more discomfort.


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