I Pounded On The Door And Prepared For A Horror Scene

The parking lot was full when I arrived, and there was a charter bus parked outside. My first thought was. We have our first hockey team. I was correct. My 20-year-old know-it-all co-worker was expressing her hatred of all people as soon as I clocked in, and started telling me the horror story that she dealt with. Her version was that the bus full of hockey people arrived at 9pm, and checking them in was slow. They guests became angry with her, and demanded to know what the holdup was. She made them sound like complete jerks. I was looking around the dining room, where those same people were quietly sitting and talking, and saw no negative behavior anywhere. I listened to her finish her story.

These guests wanted to know if they could walk next-door to Cracker Barrel, and I told them the only way for them to walk there was to take the road that they drove in on, and they demanded that I call them a cab!”

They demanded a cab just to go next-door?”


Why not just walk?”

Because it was raining, and I handed them a card for a cab driver, and they made me call for them.”

Well this isn’t going to end well.”

I can’t comment on the attitude the guests had towards her, because I wasn’t there, but based on her attitude while telling me the story, it seemed clear that it was her own attitude that instigated the entire argument.

What do you mean?”

“First of all, if a guest asks you to call them a cab, you call them a cab. You don’t tell them to do it themselves.”

Let me finish. So, I called the cab, and they wouldn’t do it for less than $20.00, and the guests refused to pay that, so they ordered pizza to be delivered instead.”

Did you offer them the delivery options before having this argument?”

That’s not what they wanted.”

And, offering them an alternative when it is too wet to walk next-door wasn’t an option?”

Whose day am I talking about, mine, or yours?”

When a pissed off millennial is telling you about her shitty day, you just shut the hell up, and listen. Don’t you dare offer advice, or an alternative solution. It’s not your story, so shut the hell up.

My bad… Go ahead.”

That’s it. They got pizza.”

I have a question…. Was maintenance here during that incident?”

Why does that matter?”

He is a shuttle driver. I saw his car when I drove up. Was he here at that time?”


Why didn’t you page him, and ask him to drive them next-door?”

We don’t do that.”

Why not? The driver was on site, and it takes no time at all to drive them around the corner.”

We don’t do that.”

We do when there is a driver, and they just want to go someplace nearby, and it’s raining.”

Well, it was my call, and I didn’t want to help people who were being nasty.”

She left, and the maintenance manager complained to me because she didn’t ask him to offer those people a ride. I laughed it off. It was clear that she was in a bad mood, and took it out on the guests. The night was very quiet, considering we had the hockey team, and another wedding, which surprised me because I was under the impression weddings were over.

At 1 am rooms 425, 417, and 419 called to complain about noise coming from room 422. There was a woman screaming herself hoarse. They all said she was screaming… “Let go of me!” and also pounding her fists on the door. I went right to the room, and heard what sounded like a fight. I was a bit scared to see what was on the other side of the door. There was a woman screaming to the point of straining her vocal-cords, and it truly sounded like she was being assaulted. Why does all of the scary shit happen during my shift? I pounded on the door, and prepared for a horror scene. The woman in the room was making such horrible sounds a person could easily assume she was under a brutal attack, and I was preparing myself for the possibility that I would have to let myself in. A man answered with the screaming girl right behind him. Her mother grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her back. He was trying to apologize for her behavior, and she was shrieking at the top of her lungs. I asked her to please stop screaming, and tell me if she was alright, but she wouldn’t acknowledge that I was talking to her. All she did was scream as if she were being brutally assaulted, and all I could see was her mother trying to hold her back. The girl was excessively intoxicated, and refused to stop her noise; making certain to let the entire hotel know that she was unhappy. It was clear that the people in the room with her were emotionally devastated by what was happening, and their drunk daughter was purposely being a disturbance.

Do you want to know why she was acting like that? She wanted to go out, and her parents wouldn’t let her drive drunk. I told the girl if she didn’t calm down right that instant, I would be forced to have her removed by the police, but she just continued screaming with no pause, or willingness to listen. Her father shut the door in my face. I walked to the desk and called the police. I gave them the guest information and told them to get that woman out of the hotel. The police showed up, and walked her out of the building. Only then did she stop her screaming. They asked me to confirm what I wanted to do, and I told them as long as the other people in the room are being calm, then they could stay, but the drunk woman had to go. They took her away, and everything quieted down.




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