It’s Time To Say Goodbye

It has been fun writing stories about Luna, and using this blog to vent about her insanity. I received a great deal of support from my readers, and I love the comments I have received from all of you telling me how much you love reading about our disputes. Watching Luna interact with hotel guests, and then seeing how she has always treated her co-workers has been  like watching Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I never met a narcissist quite like here before, and all I can really say about that is… Wow!

I want to thank Luna for giving me so many great stories to share with you all. Now that has been said…

Luna got fired. Yup, you read that correctly. No more Luna. Bye-bye, sayonara, and peace-out! She decided to take a week off to go to Texas, claiming to have a sick brother to take care of. The day before she was supposed to return she called the hotel, and told us she was sick, and in a hospital in Texas. Nobody has heard from her since. It has been the most peaceful, and relaxing two weeks we have had at that hotel, and today I was informed that she will not be returning to work ever again! I am so happy! I love my new boss so much! Life is all candy, puppy dogs, and rainbows right now!

Luna didn’t like the changes that happened when the former manager left. Out new manager saw through her bullshit and made her hate the place. She made Luna clean the hotel as soon as breakfast ended, and I don’t mean as soon as Luna finished taking her time stretching the breakfast until noon, then sitting in front of the television for two hours. I mean, she made Luna clean up breakfast exactly at 10:00 and then switch to doing houseman work. Luna had to clean the bathrooms, mop and vacuum the floors, and she even made the maintenance manager her supervisor. He made her clean vomit out of the garbage cans after our last wedding group, but she actually didn’t do it; she refused and the other houseman had to do it. She got written up.

The last weekend she worked, she jumped into her old routine of sitting in the dining room all day, but this time, she never vacuumed the rug; leaving bits of food all over the place. At 2:00 she clocked out, drove away, then called the desk attendant, and told her that she never had time to vacuum. It gets better… She asked to talk to the maintenance manager, and she told him that he had to vacuum the rug for her. He asked her…”Why do you think you can leave work without finishing your job, and then call here ordering me to do it for you?”  Her response was… “Tough shit. What are you going to do about it?” He wrote her up.

And that brings us to her sudden, and unavoidable issue with her sick brother in Texas. Remember? She had to go be with him, and then ended up in the hospital herself? My new manager sent me a text two nights ago, asking me if I had heard from Luna during my shift. I told her I haven’t heard anything from Luna. It turns out the reason she asked was because she spotted Luna in town just after telling us she was still in Texas, and in the hospital.

The dining room has been reorganized, and now looks exactly the way the brand requires it to look. The food is being stored properly, and the pantry is better organized. I feel like there should be cake with her picture on it. I want to cut off the head. I bet it would be the best head I ever had. That one was for you Erin. After all the jokes you made about that her having a secret crush on me, I figured you would enjoy that… Probably too much.



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