The Bathroom Is Located In Your Room, Are You Aware That You’re Naked?

I was sitting at the desk, minding my own business. The elevator doors opened, and I heard the pitter-patter of feet tiptoeing around the corner. My expectation was that I would see someone stepping out for a cigarette. Nope. A woman in her 30’s walked to the desk, she looked humiliated, she was completely topless, covering her chest with her hands, wearing only her underwear. If there was ever a moment to make sure to be the pinnacle of professional, that was the moment. She held her composure very well.

“Please let me back in my room. I know this looks kinda bad, but, you will probably laugh… I woke up because I had to pee, and I walked into the hallway instead of the bathroom. Now I’m locked out.”

“Please come into the office, and I will get you something to wear.”

I opened the office door, handed her my hoodie, and grabbed a towel for her waist. I got her room number, and made the key. I walked with her to her room, and as we stepped off the elevator, a guy was stepping in. He stared with a grin on his face.

“Not one word out of you. Shit happens.” I said to the man.

He stepped into the elevator and kept his comments to himself. We walked to her room, I opened the door, and she stepped in. I went back to my desk. A few minutes later, she returned, with clothes on, and handed my hoodie back.

“I’m not even drunk” She said, while blushing.

She explained how she was tired, and accidentally stepped into the hallway when looking for the bathroom, and realized she was locked out. Then, she did step outside for a cigarette.

This is the kind of story that usually begins with…

Dear Penthouse…


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