I’m In Charge. Now Shut The Hell Up!

We have another large group here with a wedding. Like usual, the desk attendant who checked-in the bride told her to use the dining room if her group planned to gather, and drink after their reception. Most times I would prefer this, but it isn’t the solution to drunk noisy people. Yes, they are no longer partying in their rooms, and they aren’t wandering through the hallways; disturbing sleeping guests, but, the dining room is located on the first floor, and there are five rooms located down the hall. We might have peace and quiet on floors two to four, but the first floor is obnoxiously loud, and the people in 124 and 125 already complained about the noise.

I went into the dining room to tell people to be quieter. The problem was, they were playing music, and talking over it, which turned into them all talking over each other. I was waving my hands around to get their attention, and the drunk assholes started mimicking me. I shouted at them to be quiet and turn the music down. The man sitting next to the laptop with the music shouted.

“I think he said get louder!”

I walked to the laptop and closed it, which turned off the music. I turned right to that guy and said…

“You will either be quieter or you will have to shut down the party all together.”

“We’ll just party in our rooms, dude.” He said while laughing at me.

“I promise to call the police and have you all removed from the hotel if you try.”

The man became angry.

“Fuck you.”

“Keep in mind, that this hotel is not your personal party zone. We do not have to allow you to use this dining room, and you are expected to keep quiet after 10:00. I can shut this party down, and I will. If you cause me problems over this I will have you removed by the police.”

One of the ladies in the room jumped into the conversation.

“Okay, we’ll keep it down. I’m sorry, he’s just drunk and wants to have a good time.”

While I was sitting at the desk, waiting for another problem, two guys in the dining room started shouting at the top of their lungs… “Woooo!” I was unable to get their attention without running from around my desk and shouting back at them. At that point, they walked away from me, pretending not to hear me. They walked into the men’s room, and I followed them.

“Quit shouting through my hallways or get the hell out of my hotel!”

The two of them stared back at me like they were dumbfounded by how I was treating them.

“Dude, we’re just having a wedding celebration, calm the fuck down!”

“Hey, asshole, this hotel is full of people who don’t want to hear your shit. Shut up or get out.”

“You need to understand that we are just celebrating a…” I cut him off

“You need to understand that there are plenty of guests in this hotel who need to wake up at 5am, and they expect peace and quiet. Your celebration ended when the wedding reception ended. Now you are in my house. If you want to stay, then respect the other hotel guests.”

I think it’s time management rethinks how they sell blocks of rooms to wedding guests. I believe it is important to make sure the bride and groom understand before signing a contract that there is a curfew, and that means guests are to be quiet after 10pm. This curfew always exists and isn’t flexible for wedding groups. I also believe we need to be able to fine the people on the contract if their company causes excessive problems. I also think management needs to express to the bride and groom before signing the contract that excessive noise and drinking won’t be tolerated.

At 2:00 most of the guests went to bed; partly because I was a major buzz-kill. The music they had on was too loud again. I went in and told them to turn it back down. Another drunk guy said…

“What’s wrong? You don’t like country music?

“This is country music? No way, this isn’t country. This is southern pop music, nobody should call this country music. If you want to listen to country, then start playing Willie Nelson, or Johnny Cash. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling this crap country music. You might as well be listening to Justine Bieber.

I left them, wide-eyed, and confused by what I had said, and I let them continue listening to their wanna be country music. More people walked to their rooms after that. I’m pretty sure the last few people remaining are just trying to defy me. That’s cool. I programmed a 5:30 wake-up call for every room registered for that wedding…. Oops!


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