This is a rundown of how the last few days have been at work.

I worked with the new General Manager for one of my shifts. It was an interesting experience. My old General Manager had some issues with the hotel owners, and he decided to take a job at a brand new location with more control over his property. Good for him. When he left this location, the employee politics of the front desk turned into a bit of a cold war among the desk staff. The Assistant General Manager was placed in the General Managers position until it was decided if he would get the promotion, or offer the position to someone else. He failed miserably. As soon as the old GM left I started seeing changes in the behavior in the desk staff.

Jennifer, who is the annoying 20-year-old Loyalty Champion, who thinks she has authority over her co-workers started overstepping her position. I suspected it was because she wanted to weasel her way into a supervisor position, and to be quite honest, that is how I see people getting promoted in this company. Unfortunately for her, that plan backfired. She started updating the checklist for each shift without the authority to do so, and started questioning other people’s work, which really pissed us off. For some crazy reason (because it’s how Kelly, the GM at my former hotel, makes her employees work) Jennifer thinks the desk staff should be doing laundry, and other housekeeping duties during our shifts. Kelly gets away with that at her location because she is in charge, and she won’t hire more laundry attendants. My location is not understaffed. We couldn’t complain to the boss, because he was expecting the owners to officially promote him, and he clearly made the decision that he was going to train Jennifer to take over the AGM job. Big mistake. You don’t train someone whose only previous job experience is seating people when they arrive to Panera Bread to suddenly be in charge of the front desk of a large hotel, including being in charge of sales, which is a great deal more work than she realizes. She has the worst customer service skills I have ever seen, and the guests find her to be extremely rude. She would fail miserably at that job. She had to do my job for just one shift, and she ended up crying in the office, over the phone with another co-worker. She thought my job was easy until she had to do it.

The regional manager kept an eye on the hotel during the last few months. He noticed the favoritism that the AGM was showing Jennifer, and he also didn’t care for it. He hired someone else to take over as General Manager as a result. The AGM is so not happy about it, and neither is Jennifer. I recently met the new boss, and she is far better qualified to do that job. She managed Disney Resorts, and several other large, hotels. This hotel is a cakewalk compared to her past jobs. It’s up to the staff to teach her how to use the operating system during each of our shifts. So far, Jennifer has avoided as much of that as possible, and the AGM is making it a point not to help the new boss if he can. Now the desk is split between two sides. There is team Doug (AGM) and there is team Wendy (GM). Jennifer is on team Doug. Beth, and myself are on team Wendy.

Jennifer was working the desk when I arrived to work on Wednesday. To my surprise she said…

“Wendy won’t be here much longer.”

“Who the hell told you that?”

“Kelly.” (Kelly is Doug’s girlfriend, and also the GM of the other location. I used to work there. Jennifer, also works for her part-time.)

“Kelly has no say… What makes her sure of that?”

“Because Wendy spends all of her time in her office, and isn’t even trying to learn anything about this desk.”

“She can learn our entire operating system from her office. How do you know she isn’t learning anything about this hotel?”

“You’re not here during the day. You don’t see what happens here all day.”

“Nothing happens here all day. Daytime is when people check out, and the hotel is mostly empty all afternoon. Evenings are busy, and I deal with all of the crazy people overnight. Nighttime is when shit goes down around here.”

Jennifer didn’t appreciate my humor. The look on her face said it all. Jennifer hates Wendy for getting hired, and screwing up her big plans, and I was not taking Jennifer seriously at that moment. I started calling her Luna 2.0 around my other co-workers. Doug is actually the only person left in this hotel who likes her.

While working with Wendy, she brought Jennifer into the conversation. She confirmed that the actual reason she was hired was because Doug was clearly showing her a great deal of favoritism, and the hotel owners decided to end it as quickly as possible. Doug’s girlfriend is also in their cross-hairs. Ever since the old GM left, she has been trying to make our hotel identical to hers when it comes to hotel policies, and the staffs day-to-day work. She believes all of the hotels in the area should run exactly the same way, (her way) and she has been interfering with the managers at other locations. It had to be pointed out to her that each hotel has a different L.L.C. Making them each independent from one-another. As long as the locations stay true to the brand, each hotel manager can run their location however they please.

“It’s obvious that girl has a crush on Doug.” Said Wendy. “I’m confident he knows this too. Did you notice that he gives her weekends off every single week? I’m taking over scheduling for a while.”

She had no intention of cutting Jennifer’s hours. She only wanted to make her work weekends. Next thing we know, Jennifer asked to be dropped to 32 hours a week so she could keep working part-time at Kelly’s location. This way Jennifer can keep her main hours here, and keep drinking Kelly’s brainwashing juice, while still going to school full-time. I say if she loves Kelly’s way of life so much she should go work for her full-time. We don’t need her here.

While I was showing Wendy how I do the audit, I noticed that my paperwork that Jennifer printed for me was all wrong. Most of the list had instructions on how to do the audit that were completely unknown to me. I showed Wendy a copy of my paperwork from the night before, it was clear that what Jennifer printed wasn’t identical in any way to the paperwork I usually have. It took some time before I realized Jennifer used an out-of-date checklist that she found in the documents folder, and added it to my Night Audit folder. Also, she deleted my usual checklist, making it impossible to print a correct copy. She was setting me up to look bad, and sabotaging my ability to properly teach my boss my job. I have every bit of my checklist, and paperwork memorized so we set Jennifer’s crap aside, and I just talked Wendy through every step.

Would you like a Luna update?

Now that we have a new GM, the staff started complaining about Luna’s full-time hours. She has a part-time job, and gets 40 hours. I told my co-workers it’s because she gets great guest reviews, and as long as that keeps up, management will keep giving her full-time hours. Wendy understands that the hotel owners want it that way, but plans to make sure Luna is constantly working while on the clock. Currently Luna gets paid from 5:30 am till 2:00 pm, but actually stops being productive around noon. She just sits in the dining room and watches television. Luna also never clocks out for breaks, claiming that if I don’t have to, then neither does she. I have reminded her that my job is exempt from having to take breaks, because nobody is available to cover for me if I clock out for an hour. Now she will be forced to clock out for lunch, and they are going to make her do part-time houseman work. Luna is about to have to clean the public restrooms, mop the hallways, and take out all of the garbage.

While Luna was serving breakfast yesterday morning, the maintenance manager complained to me that she called him a moron in front of some guests recently. Then he told me she parked her car in a handicap space again, and he was about to force her to move it. I watched him walk up to her. He told her to move her car or he would call the police.

“Then call the police, moron.” Said Luna.

He walked to the office, and called the local police, who arrived almost immediately, and based on the expression on the face of the officer who walked through the doors, he wasn’t interested in resolving the issue between them. Luna went outside as soon as she saw the police car, and placed a handicap tag on her mirror. The maintenance manager pointed out to the police that she isn’t handicapped, and that tag was from her, now deceased sister. The police officer decided to run her license. She was using a handicap tag illegally, and she received a ticket for it, and they made her move her car. I have never felt more satisfied at the end of a shift as I did at that moment.

Not only is Doug not playing nice with the new boss, he didn’t do the food order on time. We might not have enough food to start tomorrow mornings breakfast if the order doesn’t arrive today. The dairy cooler is almost empty, we have no muffins, which is a problem because I like blueberry muffins with my coffee, and we will run out of eggs before breakfast ends today. Luna is having a panic attack over it.

My job has gotten more interesting lately.


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