I’ll Take What I Can Get

This is an update to the my earlier post Murphy’s Law.

My new boss sent out an email with a link to the guests review. She didn’t want to know who the staff members mentioned in the review were, she just wanted to know his room number so we could fix the slow drain. It was a very positive review as far as the opinion this guest has towards the staff.

It would have felt a bit nicer had my boss mentioned some sort of congratulations for my handling of that issue, and even though I’m the one who went through hell and back trying to help that guest, it’s the morning desk attendant, who, after I told her to make him a priority, was the one who made the arrangements to make sure his new room was ready for him as quickly as possible. She will get most of, if not all of the credit.

I know what I do is often overlooked by people, but this review is about me, and being someone who rarely receives recognition for my work, I am very happy to see the guest recognized that I did everything possible to help them.

“Mixed stay”
3 of 5 starsReviewed 3 days ago

I honestly have very mixed feelings about this hotel. On the one hand, things went south very early in our visit. When we checked in, our key card opened the door to our room and there was someone already in it, asleep. It was unclear to the front desk as to why, as nobody was recorded as having checked into the room. And since the hotel policy is a strict non-refundable, pay-in-advance one in order to secure the best rate, such a mishap seems all the more regrettable. Not to mention the obvious safety issues raised to both myself and the sleeping guests in the room by my being able to simply open the door and walk in.

On the other hand, the staff took this even seriously, did everything they could to correct the situation, and were the epitome of being apologetic, polite, and helpful. Kudos to them, for managing this unfortunate situation — management should recognize that they really saved the day.

Once this situation was worked out the following day, the hotel was just fine. The rooms could use a bit of refreshing — there is a shortage of outlets, one of our party had a noisy AC in his room, and we had a slow drain. Nonetheless, I would say that it was what we expected. There is a nice pool. The breakfast is, well, what you pay for. The rooms were clean. Wifi was free.

The real asset to this hotel is its staff — the rest of the stay, mixed feelings, as above.

Stayed August 2016, traveled with family

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