Why Does She Do Stupid Things?

We have new coffee creamer pumps. Only for the flavored creamers, so who cares? If you have to make your coffee vanilla flavored, and fill it with extra sugar, you probably don’t like coffee. I think the pumps are nicer than having a bunch of mini creamer cups, but as I said, they are only the flavored ones. We are still using the mini cups for the half and half, and apparently also the hazelnut, which brings me to the issue I want to talk about. When I made myself a cup of coffee, I found a new pump on the counter, along with a small serving pitcher labeled half and half. There is no lid on the pitcher, and I can only assume it has been sitting there since breakfast. How the hell is this ok? Who approved this? I can’t imagine any guest would be willing to use that thing. Since we only have the single portion cups of half and half, how many of those cups did Luna have to open, and pour into that thing? That’s a lot of little creamer cups.mms_picture(3)

Who gave Luna a label maker? How many people sneezed while standing over this thing? I dumped it out immediately. Luna arrived, and I asked her about it.

“Why was there an uncovered pitcher of half and half sitting on the coffee counter, fully exposed?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because, we can’t serve creamer that way. It’s a big health code violation.”

“We have the new pumps for the flavored kind, and I wanted to make it nice for the guests, and make it so they can pour their half and half just as easily as they can use the pump.”

“Who the hell is going to look at that open pitcher of dairy product that has been sitting exposed on top of a counter all day, and think to themselves… I think I will pour that into my coffee…?”

“What’s the problem, it says it doesn’t need to be refrigerated right on the containers, so it won’t kill anyone.”

“That’s because it is ultra-pasteurized, and safely sealed in individual containers. You aren’t supposed to break open the seal on each container, and pour them into a larger pitcher to sit on a counter all day.”

“You mind your own business. This is my job, and I do it well.”

“You make my brain hurt.”

She went into the kitchen, and replaced the creamer. She literally opened a bunch of little creamer cups, and dumped them into the pitcher one by one until she had it filled. What a big waste. I decided not to continue arguing. She has been very polite to me lately, and I have no intention of giving her an excuse to start causing me trouble. We have a new manager, and she seems to be picking up on Luna’s inappropriate behavior. I will let her destroy herself.


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