Have I Ever Mentioned That I Hate 3rd Party Reservations?

My shift was going so well. I had peace and quiet, with just a few late night walk-ins. When it became time to rollover to the new business day, I got it all done with no computer glitches. The audit was complete by 3:00 in the morniong., and I had all of my work emailed, printed and filed away. There was a 3rd party reservation in my arrivals list, and the guests never arrived to check in. When it came time to turn the day over, that reservation became a no-show, and was automatically canceled during the audit. At 3:30 the man in his 20’s walked in.

“I would like to check-in.” She said.

My brain didn’t want to deal with it. I had very little sleep before work, and staying awake was becoming a struggle.

“Were you supposed to arrive last night?”

“Yeah, I called and said we would be late.”

“Well, unfortunately you never arrived to check in. This hotel is already on the new business day. The reservation you made has been automatically canceled.”

“What do you mean canceled? I already paid for the room.”

I explained the whole thing. I told him how the 3rd party reservations work. I told him even though he paid them, the reservation was for the 20th, and it’s now the 21st. The guy insisted that he called the hotel, and spoke to the girl who worked before me, and told her they would be arriving around 3am, and according to him, she told him checking in that late would not be a problem. She and I now have a problem. The situation quickly turned into a giant mess. He insisted that I just let him use the room, but I couldn’t do that without charging him for another room, and I don’t blame him for not liking that. Unfortunately that was what I was limited to. He had no clue how to comprehend that he just wasted the reservation, and I couldn’t seem to explain it to him in any way that he would accept. It’s easy. DON’T PAY FOR A PREPAID NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION, AND THEN SHOW UP AT 3:30 THE FOLLOWING MORNING! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RESERVATION, AND I WILL NOT REFUND THE MONEY. I will, however contact the company keeping William Shatner employed for the last two decades, and try to get them to help me out. I did exactly that.

I was put on hold for nearly 10 minutes. The man I was dealing with left, and his girlfriend walked in. Apparently she thought she would make this all magically work out. I can’t begin to choose where to start about her. That man is dating Satin. She is Satin disguised as a small 20-year-old woman. Everything about this situation became my fault. She was demanding that I correct the issue, and to hell with the rules. She was making 100% sure the issue would be my fault. I explained what the billing issue was, and that it was out of my hands.

“Actually, that’s not our problem.” She said with a tone that almost set me off. I had to quickly get a grip on my temper.

“It is completely your problem. You paid ahead of time for a non-refundable, reservation, and you are arriving the morning after your reservation. As far as this hotel is concerned, we no longer owe you the room. If you want me to put you in a room right now I will need to make a new reservation for you, and take your credit card.”

“Hell no!”

“Unfortunately, yes. This is the situation we are in.”

The representative finally responded to my call. I explained the situation, and made sure that she understood that the guest did not arrive for the reservation during the times specified for checking in, and the business day is starting new again. The lady on the phone tried telling me to open the reservation and check them in anyways… I explained this all very clearly to her. I could not do it. The reservation was no longer valid, and then I reminded her, just like I do with every 3rd party representative, that I am following their companies rules, and to please stop making it sound as if I am just refusing to accommodate people. The lady on the phone decided to fax me the guests information, including the company’s credit card, and she asked me to make a new reservation using that card. I was happy to do so, and I even upgraded the room to a suite for no extra charge. All was finally working out, and Lady Lucifer was suddenly a pleasant, young lady. Then the company credit card declined. F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! I hate 3rd party reservation so much!

I took a long deep breath. The lady looked at me as if she thought I might have a stroke. I grabbed the room keys, programmed them, printed her paperwork, slid the paper in front of her, gently handed her the pen, and said…

“You’re all set, please sign this, and you will be good.”

She signed the paper, I handed her the keys, she left, and I called Shatner’s boss again. He kept me on the phone for half an hour just to tell me I can only contact their billing department, and I will have to wait till Monday. In the meantime, I have a room that the computer refuses to check in. Life sucks.

While trying to solve the new issue, my phone rang. I was suddenly talking to Luna’s brother. Luna is in the hospital, and won’t be coming to work. F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! I honestly hope she’s ok… F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! Not only did I have to figure out the billing issue, but I had to make breakfast, and call around for a replacement.

I called around to find a replacement…. I am now staying to work breakfast.

I wrote my boss an email explaining the room fiasco. It’s a guaranteed payment for us, so putting the people in the room isn’t an issue. I just had to make sure all information about the screw-up was clearly stated. I changed the room to dirty status, and made sure housekeeping knows to check the room at check-out time. Problem solved.

My co-worker is late again. I would make an issue over it, but I can’t actually go home anyways.


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