Sorry, No Refund For You.

A guest who checked out on Wednesday morning called me. She was super-duper pissy, and I hated her from the moment I heard her say… “I need to speak to the manager.” I’m a much more helpful person when people aren’t screaming at me. I told her the managers are not here, and as I was offering to help her, she said…

“Well, it must be you I spoke to then…”

There was nothing calm about her during any point of that phone conversation. She claimed the man she spoke to wouldn’t extend her stay without proper I.D. I found the reservations she was complaining about. She had 2 rooms last Thursday the 11th for 1 night, then, on Friday the 12th she made a new reservation for 1 room extending her stay another 5 nights, and checked out of the first 2 rooms.

She said she was charged an extra $200, and continued scolding me, saying that she never authorized payment for it, and demanded that I tell her why the hell I charged her the extra money. I told her I wasn’t aware of the issue, and I wasn’t the person she spoke to about payments, or having a proper I.D. On the dates she checked in, and also the day of the third reservation, I did not work. I did, however, put her bill under her door Wednesday morning. Her response to me was…

“Well, it looked to me like you don’t have many people working there, so it had to be you.” Her tone getting sharper with every breath. “You’re fat, with short hair and a big, giant, balding head.”

I am a bit chubby, but I currently have a beard, and hair hanging halfway to my ass. I chose not to discuss my schedule, or my gut with her, and looked closer at the room number of the added nights. She stayed in room 222. While I was reviewing her reservation, she demanded a refund. As she continued shouting at me, while I ignored her, (because it is difficult for me to focus on problem solving while someone is verbally assaulting me.) I realized who the woman on the phone is.

Last night the guest staying in room 122, who is one of our most consistent, and loyal guests, complained to me that the people above him were stomping their feet, and kept waking him up. He also had several complaints about noise coming from their room late at night, days before. I called the room and a little kid answered. I asked to speak to his parent, and a man took the phone. I asked him to please try to be quieter, and he agreed, then hung up. Moments later the woman who was attacking my eardrum through the phone came in and complained that her key stopped working. I fixed it, and informed her of the noise complaint. She claimed her nephew must be running around, and I asked her to please keep the room quiet. She went back to her room without arguing with me, and I found her attitude to be pleasant.

After they checked-out on Wednesday morning, housekeeping found the room in a disgusting state.
・ There were piles of pizza boxes, and Chinese food containers covering the desk, and nightstand.
・ Coffee cream spilt onto the surface of the desk, and allowed to dry there.
・ There were the remains of their food scattered over the floor, and ground into the carpet.
・ The desk, nightstand, walls, and door frames had hand prints all over them from their kids filthy food covered hands.
・ Housekeepers found the hand towels stuffed into the toilet.

I told her she was charged the extra $200 due to the condition of the room, and she flipped out on me.

“What are you talking about? It’s not our fault your stupid housekeepers didn’t clean our room for five goddamned days!”

“From what I can see in the housekeeping logs, you had do not disturb on your door for the full-time of your stay. That means the housekeepers are going to stay out of your room, so it actually is your fault that they never cleaned your room.”

“What the hell makes you think I can afford to pay an extra $200? Cleaning is their job, and I never authorized anything allowing you to charge me anything extra!”

“You left the room in a completely filthy, and unacceptable state. We had to take the room out-of-order so we can deep clean the carpet, and scrub the filth off the walls. Then there is the issue of your putting towels in the toilet. Why would you do that? You did authorize us to charge you the extra $200 when you checked-in. You gave us your credit card to cover incidentals. The way you left that room is the reason we do that, and we will not be refunding that money.”

She became very silent. After a moment, she started crying.

“I can’t afford this. I don’t have the money to cover it. I insist that you refund my money, right now!”

“I can’t.”

“I am not hanging up this phone until we resolve this!”

“O.K. I completely understand. I promise to let you stay on the line for as long as you wish.”

I put her call on hold, and made fresh coffee. She disconnected the call by the time I returned. I guess she felt the issue has been resolved. I am such a great problem solver.


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