Big Fat Liar

A middle-aged man walked in, and told me he had a reservation. I saw nothing with his name on it. In fact, I had no arrivals. He insisted that he had a reservation. I told him there are no arrivals on my list. So he started looking through his phone to search for his confirmation number. I knew he was in the wrong hotel so I asked where he made the reservation.
“Here.” He said.
“We don’t have anything showing that you made a reservation here. Perhaps you accidentally arrived at the wrong hotel, or perhaps you made it for a different date by mistake.”
He insisted I was wrong, and continued searching for his confirmation number. I noticed as he scrolled on his phone, he kept glancing at me.
“Did you find me yet?”
“No, you don’t have a reservation here.”
He continued searching some more. The look on his face made me think he wasn’t actually reading anything. It appeared, to me, like he was just randomly scrolling. I continued…
“I can make you a reservation.”
“You can give me to the room I have reserved already.” He sounded mad.
“Sir, you don’t have a reservation here. When did you make this reservation?”
“I made it, like, over the weekend.”
His tone was more harsh. He didn’t sound confident. I think he was making it all up as he went along.
“Did you make the reservation over the phone with one of our desk staff?”
“Do you recall who you spoke to?”
“I think his name was Rick, but I can’t recall. I know it was a guy.”
“So, you made this reservation over the weekend?”
I informed him that I am the only male desk attendant, and the only other guy who would have been able to make a reservation here would be a manager,  he wasn’t working over the weekend, and his nobody here is named Rick. He acted a bit more frustrated, but I think it was actually anxiety from having to keep his lie afloat. The man stared at me for a moment, then he said…
“When I stay at hotels like this one, I expect exceptional service. I made a reservation for tonight, and now you’re telling me the reservation is missing? This is not good service. I demand my room, right now.”
“I absolutely can give you a room. All I need is your driver’s license and a credit card.”
“No way. I already paid for the room. I want the room I paid for!”
“We don’t take payments ahead of time. Only online reservations are prepaid. If you made the reservation directly through this hotel, then there is no chance you already paid.”
The man got fake pissed off. He was clearly lying.
“I’m not happy with my experience right now…” He paused for a moment… “I think I deserve a free night, and I expect to be fully reimbursed for what I already paid for!”
“If you can give me a confirmation number for your reservation, I will happily accommodate you.”
The man looked dumbfounded.
“I seemed to have misplaced the email.”
“How do you misplace an email? Did you leave it in your pants when you did your laundry?”
“I just don’t have it. Don’t be an asshole!” Too late.
“I’ve looked for you in our computer. You haven’t stayed here before, and there is nothing showing that you made any reservations recently. You insisted that you made your reservation through a guy named Rick, who doesn’t work here, and you insisted that you spoke to him over the weekend, but I know that can’t be true. Let’s just cut the bullshit. You never had a reservation here. This has all been a poorly played out act, and you are just trying to scam me for a free night at the hotel.”
The guy looked shocked, then he said…
“I’ll be right back.”
I watched him walk to his car, get in the driver seat, and drive away.


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