Luna Does Not Approve!

When I clocked in, my co-worker asked me if Luna still has Tuesday mornings off. As far as I’m aware, that was only for last month, but I couldn’t recall if it extended into this month. My co-worker was concerned because she spoke to a guest who told her he was leaving by 3:30, and asked her if someone could prepare some food early. I told her that making him food would not be a problem, and when I worked on my audit, I also set up breakfast. I set up the entire breakfast, leaving nothing for Luna to prepare, other than pancakes, because the machine has to warm up before it can be used, and it I didn’t want to make it look like he had an option for pancakes, just to discover the machine was not ready yet. The pancake batter is mixed. All Luna has to do is place it in the machine.

When the guest checked out, I showed him the food, and he was surprised that I did more than just offer cold cereal, and bagels. He ate some of everything available. While he was eating, Luna walked through the doors. She saw all of the food sitting out, and rushed over to my desk.
“Why is all the food made?”
“I was asked to have breakfast made early.”
“Who asked you this?”
“That guy.” I pointed towards the man eating breakfast.
“You made the entire breakfast this early for just one person?”
“Why not? When you come in early to drive shuttles, you prepare everything on the menu just to make sure the people you are there to drive to the airport give you a tip for feeding them early, and being so kind to them.”
Luna stared at me. She was clearly trying to come up with a reason to argue, but what I said it true. Luna will make a full breakfast, enough for the entire hotel, just to feed one person early. When the guest thanks her for being so considerate, Luna rushes the person with a printed hotel survey, and a pen, and tells them to fill it out, then she reminds the person how to spell her name. Unfortunately for her, we no longer have paper survey’s. The only survey’s that get counted are the ones people fill out on our website. All Luna can do with the survey’s that she prints, is show them to the manager with the hope that he will acknowledge that people still write good reviews about her. If she checked the reviews that people post, she would see that they already say amazing things about her. I believe her need to have people fill out the paper survey’s just helps her fulfill her need for instant gratification. Luna needs to see the review in her hands so she can personally make sure management sees it. Her ego will not allow her to relax, and trust that the online reviews will still work in her favor.

When the guest left, Luna ran back to my desk to tell me not to make breakfast again.
“I don’t need you to do my job for me. Please don’t do that again.”
“Why not?”
“Because it is my job, and I leave my home early so I can be here on time to get breakfast made for everyone. I live half an hour away. I come in early to make sure I can get to work on time, and have food ready by breakfast time.”
“How does living 30 minutes away mean you have to get here at 4:30? Your shift starts at 5:30. I have to be to work by 11pm. I leave my house by 10:30, and I arrive at least 10min early.”
“I live farther away. It takes longer to get here. That is why I get here early.”
“What is the difference? I live 20min away. I make sure to leave at a time that allows me travel time, and I still get to work when I am scheduled to arrive. The concept is the same for you. Why can’t you leave your house at 4:50? That would give you time to drive here from your home, and you would still be able to clock in 10min early each morning.”
“That would leave me with just half an hour to make all of the food. I need more time than that.”
“It only takes half an hour to make the full breakfast. Don’t forget that I was regularly making breakfast in this hotel for over a year. I start at 5:30, and by the time 6:00 rolls around, there is hot food waiting for people to eat.”
Luna put her fists on her hips, and scowled. A guest appeared out of nowhere to drop off his key, and We both fake smiled at him.
“Hello, and good morning! Did you sleep well?” I asked with my fake grin.
“I have plenty of food ready, just for you. Come on. I will feed you until you burst.” Said Luna with her fake smile.
The gentleman decided on coffee. Once he had his back turned, Luna and I went back to making angry faces at each other. To be honest, she made the angry face. I stuck my tongue out at her, and wiggled my fingers on my nose. She walked away from me and started sweet talking the guest until he allowed her to get him a cinnamon bun for the road. The rest of my shift has been mostly watching Luna look at me like she wants to kill me. I have just been smiling, and waving back.


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