Luna And The Reusable Milk

Every morning Luna has been putting a small milk dispenser for guests to pour milk into their cereal and coffee. We have little cartons of milk for that, and we don’t use those milk dispensers. I have been trying to figure out where she has been getting this milk from, and why she is putting it on the counter. I have also noticed that she brings out a bowl of blueberries, and places it next to the cereal. We don’t serve blueberries.

When Luna showed up for work, I noticed her fresh Joe Dirt mullet. My assumption was that the first time she got her hair cut that way, it was some sort of hair-styling mishap. It turns out she chooses to cut her hair like that. Yikes!

“Good morning, Luna. Was there a NASCAR event this weekend?”

“Shut up.”

“Since when do we serve blueberries for breakfast?”

“Since I decided to. That’s when.”

“That was your decision? So you told management to order blueberries?”

“No. They are my special treat for the guests.”

“You brought them from home then?”


“I don’t think you can do that. Are you bringing that extra milk from home also?”

“No. That is the hotels milk.”

I’ve looked in the coolers. We only have single serve cartons. There is no milk jug, or large container of half and half. While she prepared breakfast, I sat in the dining room to have cereal. While I sat there, a guest made oatmeal. He put a small portion of milk in the oatmeal, and returned the opened carton to the cooler. When Luna saw the opened carton, she took it to the kitchen, so I walked back there. She was pouring that milk into the little milk dispenser. She is taking people’s unused milk, and putting it back out for other guests to reuse. Instead of having an argument with her about why that’s wrong, I waited for her to put it on the counter. I took it with me to the break room where I dumped it in the sink. When Luna discovered it was missing she looked at me, scowled, and shook her head. I smiled back, and she walked away.


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