My Job Is Audit Not Sales, And Stop Giving Rooms To Local Kids!

Why do people wait until midnight to call the hotel to request information? I have been a Night Auditor for nearly two years. I am not sure what other audit jobs are like elsewhere, considering I have only worked for this one company in my area, but from the stories I have heard, I assume the job experience is similar. At this hotel I am not given any information other than what is written in the communication log book at the front desk, and most nights the pages are blank, and I don’t have anything to do with how management books blocks of rooms for guests. I only check the people in if they arrive during my shift. Other than that, I make simple reservations for people who want to get off the road overnight, deal with drunk people who think I am supposed to provide them with pizza, run a simple audit program (I actually have nothing to do with the audit other than hitting the start button), and handle simple billing questions early in the morning.

I don’t understand why people call the hotel after midnight to ask about the group deals that they discussed with the manager. I can understand that people don’t consider that I am just the Night Auditor, and they might not consider that the work people do during traditional business hours doesn’t actually carry over to the night shift, but, I just can’t grasp why people call at such odd hours. People ask me to confirm things that only my manager can confirm for them, because he is the one who sells blocks of rooms for special events, and large groups. When I don’t have the information they’re looking for they always sound disappointed, but continue asking more questions that sound like alternative questions, but they’re really just a roundabout way of attempting to get the answer that they were originally seeking.

I had a call from a woman who claimed she was part of a group of blocked rooms for a wedding coming to the hotel this weekend. She wanted to know when the cut of date was to cancel a room before getting locked in without being able to cancel. I didn’t see the woman’s name on any reservation, and I couldn’t find the group that she was talking about. Also, I have never been given information about cut off dates for any set of blocked rooms. The woman was concerned that tomorrow might be her last chance to cancel the room, but wasn’t sure. I had no clue what to tell her other than what I recall from past experiences. I told her she probably had up to 24 hours before the arrival date, but I couldn’t guarantee that without confirming it with the manager, who is passed out during my shift, because it is after midnight, and the majority of people are in bed.

I have two different hotel guests who are demanding refunds because of the excessive noise coming from the rooms rented by young, local kids. The guests demanding refunds aren’t wrong for being upset. The hotel does not exist to be a place for anyone with the means to pay for a night to go and party like rock-stars all night. The hotel exists so people have a place to stay on business, and while traveling for vacations, or visiting from out of town…

The guests have an expectation that there will be peace and quiet during the night. I can’t walk the halls all night to make sure it is peaceful. I’m the only employee in the building at night, and I have to remain at the desk. There is no way for me to know if guests are acting inappropriately without other guests calling my desk to complain. The other issue is, the two rooms who complained waited until they had to deal with a full night of that crap. If they would have called more frequently. I would have kicked out the people in those rooms before it turned into a guest relations issue. What makes it even more irritating is, when guests are upset about their stay, they will exaggerate and make threats. The guests will go to our website, and tell the whole story as something much more troubling than it actual was in reality, and do their best to tarnish the hotels reputation, because they take the issue personally, and want to do what they can out of spite, just because others on their floor lack respect for their surroundings.

I offered to move people to new rooms, and I spoke to the people creating the trouble when I was notified of the issues. If the guests choose not to complain for several hours after their first complaint, then there is little I can do to control it between complaints. Don’t tolerate the annoyance just to get furious later, and blow up on me once it becomes too late for me to address the issue before people lose a full nights sleep. Nip it in the bud from the beginning. If you call to complain about a guest, and they still cause you issues after I confront them, call me again, If I get a second complaint within a short period of time. I can tell them to shut up or leave, and if that doesn’t work, I can have them escorted out of the building by the police, and the local police love doing it. (almost a little too much) If you are going to stay in bed and stew in your own anger over other guests, without being proactive about it, then from my perspective, you might as well not complain at all. Like I said, I can’t know if other guests are causing continuous issues if the guests they are disturbing stop complaining. If I get a complaint, and I address the issue directly, and I don’t hear back from anyone after that, then what reason do I have to think the issue is continuing?

I blame the 20 year old who worked the second shift yesterday. The guy who’s card is attached to the rooms is clearly under 21, including his company. We are not supposed to rent to people who are under 21.


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