The End Is Near

A few weeks ago, Luna’s sister passed away. Everyone at work gave her space, and avoided talking to her as much as possible. For a short time, Luna was being peaceful. That time has ended. Luna decided to restart her trash-talking, and tossing accusations about me to the rest of the staff. A couple of weeks ago I left my travel coffee mug in the kitchen when I was working my breakfast shift. When I returned to work after having two days off I discovered that my mug is missing. Instead of accusing Luna of taking it, I politely approached her, and I was going to ask her if she saw it. As soon as I mentioned the mug, she interrupted me and said, “I didn’t touch it. You should check with the maintenance guy.” I was not planning on accusing her of something that I couldn’t prove, but her tone, body language, and the fact that she didn’t allow me to actually complete my sentence gave me the impression that she was expressing guilt. I still didn’t make the accusation. The following day I was told that she accused me of stealing her coffee mug, and phone charger, but both items were still in the kitchen. The maintenance guy went in there and searched every drawer and cupboard until he found where she hid them from management so she could make the accusation. I confronted Luna about it, and like usual, she suddenly had no time to talk to me, and accused me of being incapable of having peaceful conversations, and told me to stop creating these unnecessary confrontations.

The general manager of this hotel suddenly announced that he took the job running a new location, and he would be gone after May 8th. Luna suddenly became concerned. He was the reason she has been able to get away with so much for so long. Her safety-net just disappeared. The Assistant General manager has never cared for Luna and her ways, and he is the one taking over as the General manager.

Last week the hotel had an airport shuttle scheduled for 4:30am. Luna was the driver. I kept to my usual routine. 3:00am I took care of the audit, printed and filed my reports, and then emailed most of those reports to the hotel owners and managers. At 4:00am I slipped the bills under the doors. When I was returning to the office, I saw Luna standing at the desk. She didn’t see me standing at the bottom of the stairs, and she was shouting, “I need the van key! Stop ignoring me!” I watched as she walked around the corner to the office door to try opening it. The door was locked. I watched her shout at the door. “Open up! I need the key!” When the door didn’t open, Luna started violently shaking the door handle, and then she kicked the door. When that didn’t work for her, she went to the laundry room to attempt access through the door leading from the laundry room to the area behind the front desk. I had that door locked also. Luna decided to violently shake that door handle while kicking the door, just to discover that it hurts to hit a door. While she was out of sight, I popped back into the office. Luna immediately went back to the dining room where a guest was looking for some coffee. Luna immediately switched to the kind, loving, grandmother who just wants to make others feel loved, and welcome. I felt nauseous watching how quickly she can change her attitude like that. As soon as I stepped up to my computer, Luna turned, and marched over to me while stomping her feet. I could see the surprised look on the guests face when she saw Luna’s sudden attitude change.

“Give me the van key, right now!” She said with her usual scolding tone.
“What’s the problem?” I asked
“Shut up and give me the key, and stop messing around.” She commanded.

I handed her the key, and she swiped it out of my hand like a wild dog forcefully taking someones food. Luna walked away with more attitude as she left. I watched the guest looking at us with a shocked expression on her face, then I wrote an email to my manager about what happened. Later, when I spoke to him about the issue, he informed me that she was told there would be some changes around here, and now she seems concerned about her job. When I asked him how the conversation he had with her about my issue went, he told me the following:

・ Luna complained that I locked her out of the office. (The manager told her that I am allowed to lock her out.)

・ Luna claims that I made her wait half an hour after she arrived to give her the van key. (It takes me no more than 15 minutes to deliver the bills, and I was back at my desk by 4:16. When I left to deliver the bills at 4:00, Luna was not yet in the building.)

・ Luna claims that I refused to give her the key that allows her access to the side door, near the parking lot. (I made her a key that would open that side door. Luna was actually talking about wanting the houseman key, which would give her access to all of the housekeeping closets where she likes to take cleaning supplies for herself, and hide them from housekeepers while also searching for the empty soda, and beer bottles that the housekeepers collect, and use to pay for the coffee and snacks that they like to keep in the break room, because when they try getting food and coffee from the dining room, Luna forces them away, and accuses them of stealing food. Everyone is allowed to get food and coffee from the dining room. Luna has no right to force her co-workers away.)

・ Luna claims that I continued shouting at her as she walked away from our confrontation. (I stopped talking to her as soon as she took the key. The guest who was in the dining room confirmed that it was Luna who continued trash-talking as she walked away.)
The housekeeping supervisor spoke to the manager about Luna, and her recent behavior. On Mother’s Day, Luna received over $100 in tips from the guests by sucking up to them and reminding them that she still takes care of both her own children, and her grandchildren. Soliciting guests for tips is against the hotels policy. The guests are allowed to tip whoever they want, but employees are not supposed to pressure them to do it. At the end of her shift, Luna approached the housekeepers to show off her stack of money, which created a great deal of anger in the housekeeping department. The total amount of tips collected by housekeepers that day: $0.00.

The housekeeping supervisor also pointed out to our manager that Luna gets 40 hours a week, and the housekeepers who have to do far more work than her only get part time hours. She then asked him to explain to her what work there is for a breakfast attendant to do until 2pm. I don’t know what his response was, but the breakfast shift is a part time job. When I arrived to work earlier I was told that Luna has been trying to get the housekeepers to tell her what is going on around here. She seems to be worried that her hours are going to get cut, and the manager already told her to be ready for changes.

Yesterday morning I had to deal with an unhappy guest. He wanted to know why his AAA rate was not on his bill. When I looked at his reservation I saw that he rented the room through our corporate site. He got the room using the Smart Saver option, which has a prepaid, nonrefundable deposit, and he checked in on the 15th. The man stayed for nearly a week with no questions. He signed the folio at check-in, and initialed where it states the rate, and that he agrees with it. I explained this all to him while seeing if I could possibly change his rate anyways. I was locked out, and his reservation had to remain as it was. The man walked away angry, and went to the dining room to complain to his wife about it. Luna overheard his complaint, and went right over to him. She told him that I was wrong, and I am not very good at my job. She then told him that he could take his complaint to the woman relieving me at the end of my shift, as well as complain to a manager. Then Luna promised him that the other desk attendant will guarantee him the rate he was asking for. He walked away satisfied with what she told him. When the morning desk attendant arrived, I had his reservation information displayed on the computer, and I told her about the issue. The gentleman immediately approached her with his issue, and she told him exactly the same thing I told him. The rate could not be changed. He argued with her that Luna promised him she would change it, and she stuck with what I originally told him, and reminded him that he never objected to the rate when he checked in, and just like I did, she showed him the paper he signed agreeing to the rate. The man walked away furious. Her and I both wrote separate emails to the manager to express the problem that Luna had caused. Luna created a big guest relations issue all because she hates me, and wanted to make me look bad.

This morning, Luna showed up, dumped the fresh coffee I had out, made more fresh coffee, and then walked up to me. “Do you take cream and sugar in your coffee?” She asked. I studied her face for a moment. She seemed almost sincere. “I hate sweet coffee.” I replied. Luna walked away, and I watched her make a cup of coffee with cream. She brought it to me at the desk. I stood there feeling a bit dumbfounded by what I was experiencing. Luna forced a smile as she placed it gently on the counter. “I hope you have a very nice day.” She said, then walked away. I checked Google to see if there was any news about Hell freezing over, or a discovery of a flying pig.


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