Luna Has Car Trouble

This morning a guest was making himself a cup of coffee, and he told Luna that he didn’t get any sleep because of the noise from the highway. Luna told him if he complains to me, I will have to switch his rooms for tonight. She then walked him to my desk, and informed me that he needs a room move. I apologized to him, and informed him that the hotel is sold out for the entire weekend. Luna scolded me right in front of the man, telling me that I have to move his room, because he is a club member, which if there were actually available rooms, this would be true. The man looked at me with hope in his eyes. I had to remind him that even though that was true, since the hotel is sold out, I would be unable to change his room, but I did take $4o off the price of his stay for each night. He was satisfied with my action, and thanked me. Luna waited for him to leave, then she scolded me for embarrassing her. I noticed that her car was in a handicap parking spot so I walked away from her, and made a phone call to the police from the office. I told them that someone was parking in a handicap spot, and the car has no handicap stickers. Luna is currently asking the police officer to please let her move her car instead of letting the tow truck take it away.


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