Editing: What Guests Do In Their Negative ReviewsWhen Telling The Whole Truth Means Admitting I Did My Job Correctly

Sometimes I come across negative comments left by guests in on the comment cards referring to my job performance. It’s always interesting to read what the guests says in comparison to what actually happened.

The complaint: It was cold in the room, and the heater didn’t work. The guy at the desk (Me) told me he wouldn’t do anything about it, because I got my room on expedia.

What actually happened:

Guest: “Hey, so we’re in 209 and the heater is blowing cold air. I told the people earlier, and they tried to fix it. Then they told me they would have someone look at it later. It’s still blowing cold air.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I wasn’t informed about that issue. Would you like me to check the heater to see if I can fix it?”

Guest: “No, people already tried. So, like, what do we do about this?”

Me: “Normally if I cannot fix the issue I would change your room, but…”

Guest: (Rudely cutting me off) “Cool, let’s do that.”

Me: “Unfortunately we are sold out. I cannot offer you another room, and I am very sorry about that. I have lots of blankets, and I am happy to offer as many as you need.”

Guest: “Well, actually, I find this unsatisfactory, and I would like to talk to someone about a refund.”

I open his reservation to discover it is through expedia.

Me: “The reservation shows that you used expedia to rent the room. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can do about refunds. You will have to contact expedia and discuss it with them. I am not able to change a reservation made through them.”

Guest: “So we are stuck with the cold room, and you won’t do anything about it?”

Me: “I would give you another room if I could, but I’m sure you can understand how being sold out makes that impossible. I agree that this is an unfortunate issue that I cannot resolve simply, other than offering you more blankets.”

Guest walks away. I don’t see or hear from him again. I could have given them enough blankets to build a giant fort in that room. I clearly tried to help. Forts are cool.


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