Don’t Worry, Be Happy… Does Anyone Have Cheesy Snacks?

My day started at 9:00pm, which is when I woke up to get ready for work. There was so much activity going on outside that I had very little sleep. While going downstairs as I was leaving for work, my first floor neighbor decided to leave little chocolate mint candies on every step, starting on the second landing, located near her door, as some sort of unexpected treat. What can I say? She’s a strange person. The issue with this is, she turned off the light in her hallway, and I can’t see the candy wrapped in dark green foil with no lights on. I discovered the treats, by slipping on the one located on the top step, and nearly falling down the rest of the candy covered steps, with a laptop in one arm, and holding a fresh hot coffee in the other. After narrowly escaping injury, and a busted laptop covered in coffee, I drove to work.

The dining room was crowded with parents, and their children, who were having a party, and being extra loud. My co-worker showed me a stack of registration cards, and said,

“This whole group arrived all at once in those buses parked out front. Instead of having them all fill out the papers, I just had one of them fill out one paper, and I am keeping them in a stack for their group. It was just easier.”

“You checked in a group of people, gave them all rooms, and didn’t take anyone’s names, or take credit cards?”

“Yeah, they are all the same group, so who cares? -I raised my hand.- What’s the likeliness you’re gonna need to know an individuals name?” He should read my blog.

“Sometimes, people get drunk, and they do stupid shit. If any of those people smoke in their rooms, and perhaps, also burn holes in the sheets, or couch cushions, I need to have credit cards on file so we can bill those people for damages.”

“I’m sure everything will be fine.” Says the guy who doesn’t have to deal with the complaints.

He left shortly after I started printing out my paperwork. Moments into my shift, two scruffy looking guys walk in. Their truck had a blowout, and they suddenly found themselves in need of a room with little money to spend. I gave them the funeral rate. Poor Aunt Gertrude. I told them how I set up their reservation, and they were very pleased with the price.

“Just remember to have a tear running down your cheeks when you check out.” I say.

While making their room keys, the machine says their room is already occupied. I double checked the computer, and confirmed that nobody else has been placed in that room, so I handed them the keys. As soon as the two of them walked away, I started filing their registration card. To my surprise, there is already a registration card in that folder, and it has that room number already printed on it, with the guest information, and signature. I quickly look for his name in the in-house guest list, and find his name in the room opposite the one with his registration card in it. I switched the paper to the correct room, and left myself a note to point out the issue in my reports at the end of my shift.

Almost as soon as those guys walk away from me, I start getting calls from people on the third floor. Basically, people are partying in room 321, with the door wide open, and they are pissing everyone off at that end of the hallway. I promised to check on that room, but as soon as I finished with those calls, people arrived at my desk, and they were wide eyed, drunk, and swearing that they were not the loud people, while others were demanding to find out who the problem group was, because they didn’t want it to be their team. I assured them, if they are not causing problems, then they would have nothing to worry about. People still wanted to know who the problem rooms belong to, and I had to keep reminding them that my shift just started, and I had yet to get all of the information that I would need in order to confront the people causing the disturbance. I was watching the people in the dining room start to clean up their mess, and I was getting the impression that things were in the process of winding down. The guests confronting me were more worried than they needed to be, and I made sure room 321 understood that they needed to calm down, after I took a walk through the hallways, to show people that I am keeping an eye on things. Everything got quiet after that first walk through the building. For the next hour, I had random parents walking up to me, expressing concerns about possibly being accused of causing problems, and I promised them that whatever was wrong when I arrived to work tonight, is all over, and there is no reason to feel concerned.

I had two arrivals left on my list. The first one arrives after the concerned parents walk away. My co-worker made him a reservation, but didn’t get a credit card from him, which made his room choice non-guaranteed, and it turns out the room he requested is no longer available. I had to scramble to find him a new room. With all of the people in those loud groups scattered around, I could not guarantee him a room away from possible noise, so I gave him the suite, located at the far end of the second floor, away from most of the groups. I didn’t charge him for the suite, I just gave him a free upgrade. When I made his key, the machine told me the room was occupied. I checked the room folder. There was another guest registration card in the folder, with their name signed to it. I had to find where in the computer that person is actually located, and again, it was actually the opposite room. I spent the next half hour correcting the locations of most of the registration cards.

The issue with noise resolved itself without me having to do anything other than ask people to tone it down. I only had to ask one time. The real issue is that people are worried about an issue, that is no longer relevant, and I could not care less about it anymore. As I stand behind the desk, politely listening to them, and assuring them that everything is well under control. Some of them look at me, and ask how I can stay so calm? I know where the housekeepers stash their pot.

“I just breathe through it, and let it all float away.” I say, craving macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese, and crackers with cheese. Cheese sounds really good right now….


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