Would You Like Some Breakfast? Tough Shit.

I’m making breakfast for the 19 rooms that stayed overnight. I have 14 cartons of milk, that means only 14 people can have cereal, maybe less depending if someone has seconds. I have 6 packets of coffee. Those will run out in a blink of an eye. I have no biscuits, and no gravy. I have one bag of frozen sausage links, that will last about 2 hours, and no turkey sausage, which is quite popular. I can make scrambled eggs, or omelets, but both will only last a couple hours. I suggest going to the Cracker Barrel next door. We won’t pay for it, but they actually have food, and we don’t.

I am reminded of a day when I worked at the other hotel part time. We ran out of food, and the manager went to McDonald’s to buy breakfast sandwiches for all of the guests. I get the feeling that will not be the case here. If you want to eat here, we have plenty of bananas, and cinnamon buns. I suggested to the maintenance guy that he should pick up powdered milk to sprinkle on the cereal, and the guests can pour water over it from the drink dispenser. Perhaps add some cranberry juice to your fruit loops? If you insist on cereal, I can offer you some tiny cups of half and half.


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