There Is A Difference Between A Late Check In And Showing Up 13 Hours Late

I had one reservation left to arrive, and by the time I had to do the audit, she hadn’t shown up, so I had to let her reservation become a no show. At 4:00am, the woman on the reservation arrived. I was not happy about that, but I kept that to myself. I explained to her that she was arriving the morning after her reservation, and her reservation was changed to a no show, and it would take me a bit of work to reinstate the reservation.

I just want to point out that she used to reserve the room, so I automatically hate the situation she put me in. I was very polite to her. I explained why checking her in was taking time, and she began scolding me. If you are in a situation like this one, and you are the customer, I will give you some advice. Giving the person who is trying to help you a hard time, and yelling at them while repeating your distaste for the situation will not make the person attempting to help you, do so faster. You are guaranteeing that it will take longer, because you are distracting the person, and making them work harder to solve the issue. If you want to be helped as quickly as possible, then shut the hell up, and accept that you are at fault for not showing up on time. After you have chosen to shut up and accept that you are the idiot who showed up the morning after your check in time, then you will discover that the time it takes to resolve the issue will decrease a great deal. The last bit of advice I will offer is, stop using 3rd party travel sites, it will save you so much stress and make it easier for me to help you.

“I called earlier and spoke to a girl, who assured me that I could get a late check in.” She said as if I was somehow the bad guy in the situation.

“I am sorry for this delay, but I was never given any information about anyone arriving this late, and I have to do an audit, which will make your reservation a no show if you have not arrived before that audit gets done.” I was very polite as I explained that to her.

“I called twice, and both times the girl assured me that I could still get a late check in.”

“Yes, I am sure she did say that. We definitely can offer people late check in times, but a late check in is arriving at 11pm, or midnight. You are arriving at 4:00am. It is now a new business day, and your reservation was added to the no show list. If you want me to correct this, I have to ask you to be patient while I look for your reservation, and attempt to reinstate it.”

I was still being polite. I was expressing the situation truthfully, with no bullshit.

“This is nonsense! I was assured I could check in late! Now are we going to solve this problem? – She pulled her phone out of her purse – Or am I going to have to make a phone call?”

“I assure you, ma’am, I will be able to check you in, I just need to access your no show reservation and reinstate it. Please be patient, this is not a common issue, and I need to search for the reservation, and then try to reverse the status. I will get you checked in as quickly as possible.” You dumb-ass moron who shows up the morning after the date of your arrival.

Once the new business day has been established, looking up a no show reservation for the prior business day requires more than just punching in a confirmation number. I have to find you by name, search your history, find the date you were supposed to arrive on, and then hope that the computer allows me to let you check in, because the operating system we use is a punk, and dislikes when I have to tell it to do stuff for a date that has already rolled over. By the way, this was my first attempt at resolving this type of situation, and I had to do a bit of problem solving before I could find the reservation that needed to be recovered, because nobody considered teaching me how to find and correct issues such as this one.

“Now I was told I could check in late! How is this an issue?” She yelled, sending her voice echoing down the hall.

“You are not showing up late on March 26th. You are showing up early in the morning on March 27th. Your reservation was for the 26th. You did not arrive before I did the audit, and your reservation rolled over in the system as a no show. It does not matter that you called twice, and the girl told you a late check in was okay, because it is 4am on the day after your arrival. This is no longer a late arrival. This is a no show. You did not arrive late, you arrived the day after, and there is a big difference. I am going to get you in your room, but you have to understand that there is a limit to how you define a late arrival, and arriving at 4am the day after your arrival date is no longer considered a late arrival. It is a no show, and you have to be patient so I can fix the issue.”

“You know what? I am going to make that phone call.” She said, with attitude. This is where my fun begins, and her blood pressure goes haywire.

The lady made her call, and my desk phone rang. She was looking at me like she was about to get the satisfaction of screwing me over. I answered my phone, while looking at her with a grin on my face.

“Thank you for calling (hotel name excluded). This is Michael, how can I help you? -The woman scowled, and hung up her phone.- Hello? Is anyone there? -I hung up- it must have been a wrong number.”

Her eyes were like daggers, and they were aiming for my soul. Lucky for me, I don’t believe in souls, and her dagger eyes have no effect on me. Muahahahaha! Who did she think she was contacting when she made that call?

“When I called earlier, the girl told me my reservation was right in front of her!”

“That’s because you were calling her at a time when your reservation was still in our arrivals list for the 26th. If you arrived before the audit, then your reservation would have been easy for me to find, and checking you in would be no issue. Like I said, it is now a new business day, and I had to allow your reservation to roll over as a no show. I do understand that she told you it was okay to arrive late. I need you to understand that 4am is no longer considered a late arrival. It is a new day, and the guests who checked in on the 26th will be checking out in just a few short hours. Please let me resolve the issue so I can get you in your room as quickly as possible.”

“Well, how was I supposed to know what time you do an audit? Do you really expect your customers to know the times you do audits?” Still scolding me like I have wronged her.

She needs a trucker hat that says, I’m a hateful bitch screen printed on the front.

“Ma’am, clearly we do not expect our guests to know our audit schedule, but are you seriously trying to convince me that arriving 13 hours after check in time still counts as checking in on the date of your expected arrival? Please understand that I know sometimes peoples plans get screwed up, and this is likely not your fault, but there is a limit to how long I can keep the reservation active as an expected arrival. It is clearly the new day, and you are arriving the day after your arrival. This is not an attempt to annoy, or upset you. You are showing up the day after your reservation. – I finally found her reservation.- I am checking you in now. I see you are a rewards member. I can offer you 500 rewards points to put towards a free stay, or I can offer you a bottle of water, and a bag of trail mix. Which would you like?”

“What do you think?”

“A bottle of water and a snack then. Most people choose the points.”

“Do you really think I was going to choose the snack over the points?”

“You asked me what I thought. I was thinking how much I would like a snack…”

“I want the damn points!”

“Good choice. Since you are a priority member, and we love our priority members, I can offer you a free room upgrade at no charge! How does the King executive suite sound?” – She gave me another death look.- Okay! Upgrade it is!”

I fixed her reservation, added the upgrade, added the reward points, and I gave her the snack anyways. She went to her room after I had her fill out the paperwork. Now I am resisting giving her a 5am wake up call, followed by a 5:15 wake up call, and a 5:30 wake up call… Luna arrived at 5:00.

“Good morning, Luna!”

“Fuck you, goyim!”

“I love our little chats. Just so you know, I actually know what a goyim is. Was that meant to be an insult? By the way, the coffee is fresh – she grabs the coffee and takes it away – so feel free to just dump it and make more.”


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