Start Acting Professionally, And Pull Your Pants Up For Crying Out Loud!

I know that I often poke fun at people in the hotel, but I am very professional when dealing with people, especially on the phone. I get the feeling other hotel employees are unaware of the fact that phone calls are recorded, or they just don’t care. Every night I have to call area hotels to ask how many rooms they sold. If I don’t call them, eventually, they will call me. When I call another hotel, I have to state my name, the hotel I am calling from, and the purpose of my call. If I answer a call, I answer by thanking them for calling this particular hotel, give my name, and ask how I can help the caller. This is very simple to do, and people respect you more when you speak professionally.

There is an auditor at the airport location who can’t seem to understand this professional way of communicating. When she calls me, and I answer the phone properly, she always interrupts me, and says something like, “Hey, how’s it going? We did 26.” I hate being interrupted, and waiting for me to finish my sentence is not such a big deal.

I just called the airport hotel. The same lady answered my call, and she did not answer her phone with the appropriate greeting, instead she picked up her phone and said, “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” I instantly wanted to scold her, and ask her why she never acts professionally over the phone, but I have no interest in having an extended conversation with her, and I already expect her to say something stupid to defend herself, while not accepting that she is being unprofessional. We are night auditors, we have nothing to do other than getting on Netflix, and waiting for sunrise. The job is too simple, and there is no reason that a person cannot take the few moments that it takes to act professional for the few moments during their shift that professionalism is required. Does this mean I’m getting old?

Just a side note to the random guy who I just saw running from the police while taking a shortcut through the hotel parking lot, the police will always catch you, because you have your pants hanging down below your asshole. There is no chance that you actually believe having your pants around your ankles will allow you to run fast in any way. My only assumption can be that you wanted to get arrested.


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