Five Things Not To Use In Your Hotel Room.

1. The drinking glasses next to the sink. Those glasses never get washed. If the housekeeper does clean the glasses, most likely the person sprayed it with the same glass cleaner used to clean your mirror, but it is more likely the housekeeper will ignore the glasses if they appear untouched, and most likely they will just rinse them out with tap water, and dry them with the same cleaning rag used to clean the counter top. Some hotels use plastic cups that are kept in sealed plastic packaging. The plastic cups might look less classy, but they will be much safer to use.

2. The comforter on top of the bed. It might get washed once a year, and it almost never gets replaced unless someone discovers a stain on it. Housekeepers will pull the comforter off the bed, then they remove the dirty sheets, add the new ones, and return the same dirty comforter back onto the bed. Just pull it off the bed and leave it on the floor.

3. Chairs and couches. If the room has a comfy chair and/or a couch, you might want to reconsider sitting in them. People actually sit on those things while completely naked. I guarantee you that dozens upon dozens of people had their butt-holes rubbing on those cushions.

4. The television remote, and phone. The reality is, people masturbate, and they don’t always wash their hands after, then they grab the remote and start flipping through channels, or they start calling for room service. Housekeepers often ignore those things when they clean, so bring sanitary wipes with you.

5. The bed. Before you checked into your hotel room. Hundreds of other people did as well, and many of them urinated and/or pooped the bed. There are no replacement mattresses in most hotels. You are going to sleep in a bed that many people urinated and pooped on. Sorry, but people are gross, and hotels don’t change mattresses until they buy new ones for the whole building every couple of years. It is not a bad idea to bring your own pillow and blanket when you travel. You can sleep on top of the sheets, those are clean.

If that wasn’t enough to gross you out, then think about how many prostitutes have been in your bed, and on that chair, and on that couch… Enjoy your spring break and summer vacation!


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