Luna Makes Another Mess

It was a very quiet night at the hotel, we only sold seven rooms. Three of those rooms were sold to a family of six who had to catch a plane at 4:00am. Three more rooms were sold to three guys who have been staying for business, and leave for work by 5:00am, and the last room was rented by a Doctor who stays here every other month, and she works the same shift as me, so she won’t be back until after 8:00am, and she does not eat our food. I set up the full breakfast by 3:30am so everyone could eat before starting their long day. Luna is supposed to work the breakfast today, but I wanted to make sure nobody left hungry. I had everyone fed, and full of coffee before 4:45

At 5:00 Luna walked through the doors and stopped in the middle of the lobby by stomping her feet on the floor like she had just used an emergency brake to come to an unexpected halt. “Why is breakfast made?” She asked. “Because we only sold seven rooms last night, and every one of those guests had to leave early.” I said. Luna placed her hands on her hips in that way that she does when she wants to show me, she means business. “What do you mean, early?” I put my own hands on my own hips, to let her know I also mean business, but I added head twirl. “It means, before the expected, or usual time. Would you like me to use the word in a sentence?” I asked. “No, thank you.” She said. I did it anyways, just to make sure she understood. “We only sold seven rooms last night, and every one of those guests had to leave early. Before the expected, or usual time.” I said. Luna went to the pantry. I heard her fumbling with some dishes, then she returned to the dining room to bring the coffee pumps back into the pantry area. “Hey, Luna. That coffee is all fresh. Don’t dump it.” I informed her. “You are not my boss, and can’t tell me what to do.” She took three of the full pumps and tried carrying them in one hand, and tried carrying the other two in her other hand. “That is a bad idea, Luna. Can I suggest that you take them one at a time?” I said. Luna ignored me. I heard a chaotic crashing sound come from the pantry, along with Luna screaming something in Spanish. Luna dropped all of the full, hot coffee pumps. I rushed to the pantry, and saw a pool of coffee with rising steam all over the floor, and Luna standing in the puddle. She looked at me with a dumbfounded expression. “Did you burn yourself?” I asked. “I don’t think so.” She said. “Good. Someday you will learn not to do stupid shit. I think this is the third time you have done this.” I said, and walked away, leaving her to clean her own mess.


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