Recent Sub Zero Temperatures Might Have Caused Some Brain Damage

My shift started off busy. My co-worker, who I was relieving seemed worried that some of our regulars hadn’t checked in yet. She said… “The guys from the auction who always check in on Tuesdays never showed up, and I don’t know what to do about it.” Her concern confused me. I said… “It’s okay, if they show up, I will simply check them in.” My answer did not make her feel better. “What if they don’t show up? Will you just cancel the reservation? I don’t want them to arrive late, and end up not having a room anymore.” I was still confused about her concerns. I said… “I don’t cancel reservations unless the credit card on the reservation is invalid. Besides, they are company reservations. If they don’t arrive, I will just charge them for one night.” That made sense to her, and suddenly she was happy again.

I was still getting my paperwork done when a cab arrived with a nice young woman from England. She walked to the desk and asked me to check her in. I looked for her name, and could not find her in my list. I said… “I don’t see you in my arrivals list.” Her eyes grew wide. I got the impression that she was concerned that she had just been stranded in an unfamiliar place. I also assumed she was supposed to be at one of our other three locations, so I asked her if she had a confirmation email available to see where her hotel is located. It took her a moment to search for it on her phone, then she said… “Oh no, I am at the wrong hotel. I need to be at the Crown Plaza. I always stay here when I’m in town and assumed this is where the company set me up. I am so sorry for this.” This is not a new situation for me, and I offered to call her a cab. Fifteen minutes later, she was on her way to the correct location.

I received a call from our location near the airport. The desk attendant making the call is the same woman who irritates me when doing the nightly call around. She is unprofessional, never answers the phone properly, and when she calls me first, instead of stating who she is, where she is calling from, and the purpose of her call, she simply says… “Hey, how’s it going?” Then she pauses and waits for me to give her all of the information that she is supposed to ask me for. I remain silent after that, and wait for her to tell me her reason for calling. She always waits until there’s about ten seconds of awkward silence before asking. This time, she wanted to know if I had a particular guest staying at my hotel. I looked up the name, and it was not on my list. She said… “Are you sure you don’t have her name on your list?” I assured her that I checked both the arrivals and in house guest lists before telling her that woman has no reservation here. She said… “Well, it has to be your hotel, because she isn’t on my list here.” She had attitude in her tone, as if I was somehow inconveniencing her. I responded. “We have two other hotels in the area that could have her as an arrival. She is probably supposed to be at one of those locations.” Her next question surprised me. “Well can you please give them a call for me and ask, and then call me back quickly?” I was instantly irritated by her request. “No.” That was all I said. She sounded upset with me. “Why not? I need help finding where she belongs.” She almost sounded like she was whining at me. I said… “Because that is part of your job. You called me didn’t you?” She said… “Yes, but…” I cut her off. “Then what is stopping you from calling the other two locations?” She paused for a second, then said… “To be honest, your hotel is the only number I know, and you guys always help me when I need it.” I was shaking my head as she spoke. “I am always willing to help out when I can, but you aren’t asking me to help you with a billing issue, or with a question about the operating system we use. You are asking me to do your job for you. If you don’t have the other numbers handy, then I suspect that you are not actually looking in your directory of hotel numbers. If you can’t find that, then there is this amazing thing called Google. You can type in anything, and it will magically give you the information that you are seeking. Have a great night, and thank you for calling.” I hung up.

The guest in room 307 called the desk. He said… “Hey, so I ordered a pizza an hour ago.” That’s all he said to me. I replied… “Okay.” The guest waited for me to say more, but his pizza has nothing to do with me. He said… “I want to know what’s taking so long.” I told him… “I suggest you call the place where you ordered it from, they will be the only people who can give you that answer.” He didn’t care for that answer. “I’m asking you.” Why does he expect me to have information about a delivery that he ordered? “Sir, we don’t have anything to do with pizza deliveries here. If you called for a pizza, then you have to contact the pizzeria that you called to place your order.” He actually told me… “I don’t know where it is coming from.” I was a bit surprised by that answer. “Sir, if you don’t know who you called, then the best you can do is wait and see who arrives.” He said… “I want to cancel the order, please.” This guy either smokes better weed than I do, or he is an absolute moron. My guess is both possibilities are true. I replied saying… “Okay, that sounds good. Is there anything else you need?” He said… “No.” Then he hung up. As soon as I put the phone down, the delivery person arrived. I laughed and said… “Room 307? The elevator is to my left.” The delivery person thanked me, and delivered the pizza. Five minutes later 307 called. “Hey man, I don’t know what you did, but it worked.” He said, then he hung up.


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