Luna’s Complaints Backfired

I recently received an email from the hotel GM telling me that Luna has been complaining about me. In his email he mentioned her telling him that I always refuse to let her in the office, and that I recently prevented her access to the shuttle keys. He mentioned wanting to make sure there will be no conflicts between us that will interfere with work, and requested that I speak to him when I return to work.

The very next day that he and I were both in the building together, I mentioned to him that I read his email. He said: “Yeah, so, tell me what Luna did, and please don’t leave anything out.” I looked him in the eyes and said: “How far back do you want me to go?” At which point he raised his eyebrows. I was surprised by how surprised he looked. I started telling him about the most recent incident where she accused me of not allowing her access to the keys. If you read my previous post, then you know I made her wait for me to let her in the pantry, but I never prevented her from access the van keys that were not needed until 6:30am, when she arrived at 5:00am. Once I explained the actual time period that she had to wait to get in the pantry, he admitted that she left some of that out of her version of the story. I included in my explanation that I confronted her, and asked her to tell me why she spreads rumors about me to co-workers, and how she always tells me to shut up, and that it is not my business to know.

I also explained to him how childishly she speaks to me when I have to communicate with her. He admitted again that she excludes her own behavior from her complaints. I then proceeded to tell him about the incident when she lied to me about the shuttle keys being gone, and how I had to wake up the maintenance person to ask where they keys were, just to see Luna driving the van right up to the main doors. I made sure my manager understood that when I asked her to tell me where she found the keys, she informed me that is was none of my business and not to worry about it. Again, my manager admitted that she mentioned that incident to him also, and she failed to mention that part as well.

The manager asked me if there was anything else I could think of. I gave it a quick thought, and started telling him how often she expresses her distaste for me, using negative body language while in front of guests, and those guests are starting to approach me, asking why she seems to dislike me so much. He was not happy to hear that. The best part of the conversation was when I told him how often I greet her in the mornings, and she tells me to go fuck myself. His immediate response was: “I am going to have to have a talk with her. This is just like the complaints that I’m getting from the housekeepers.”
There were two different hockey teams staying at the hotel, and one of them used the dining room to have pizza, and snacks, while the parents played poker and drank all night. When they all went to bed, I cleaned the dining room, and removed the full bags of garbage from the cans, and placed them in the garbage barrel located in the kitchen. The dining room was spotless by the time I was finished cleaning it.

When she arrived in the morning, Luna refused to look at me. I said: “Good morning, Luna.” She swiftly rushed over to the kitchen. I heard her shouting something behind the closed door, then she poked her head out. “You could have taken the garbage to the dumpster, asshole.” She said. I held up my checklist, and replied. “That is not in my job description. All I am supposed to do is keep the dining area presentable. Also, I am not dragging garbage out to the dumpster in -20 degree temperatures. On top of that, I am not supposed to walk away from the desk.” I replied, with my usual smile. Luna slammed the door. I sat at the desk and watched her set up the breakfast. Every time she walked past me, I smiled and waved. Luna huffed, and pretended to ignore me, but her expressions, and body language tole me that I was pissing her off. Eventually she stopped in her tracks and shouted: “Stop looking at me!” I covered my face with my hands, then exposed my face, saying “Peek a boo.” She scowled at me. Luna never gets my humor. At 5:30 she stomped her feet on the floor as she made her way to the laundry room to clock in. I was witnessing a 60+ year old grandmother having a temper tantrum. I heard the office door jiggle. “Luna, are you trying to get into the office?” I shouted from the front desk. “I need something.” Luna replied. “What exactly do you need?” I asked. “It’s personal.” She replied. I took a moment to look around for personal items. “You don’t have any personal items back here.” I replied. Luna stomped her feet back down the hall, but this time she was pushing an empty laundry cart, and saying something in Spanish that I can only assume is directed towards me.

I watched Luna walk out of the kitchen with the bin, and it was filled with the garbage that she does not consider her responsibility. She took it right into the laundry room and left it sitting in the middle of the room. I observed the whole thing. “Luna, you can’t put garbage in the laundry bins.” I told her. “Shut up. You can’t tell me what I can or can’t do.” She said. I put my hand up, as if to block her voice from continuing its nonsense. “Just keep in mind that nobody will remove that garbage for you. We both also know that everyone working here is going to be pissed at you for leaving your garbage in their work space.” I said. Luna shrugged her shoulders. “Nobody can prove it is my garbage. For all anyone knows, the housekeepers put it there.” She said. I pointed out that the garbage bags are clear. “Anyone briefly glancing at those bags can see they are filled with dining room garbage. Why do you do this shit? People are not as stupid as you seem to think. Here’s the thing, I don’t think you believe people here are actually that stupid. I think you’re just being immature, and this is how you are choosing to childishly react to not getting your way.” Luna put her middle finger in the air. “Fuck you. What do you actually think you can do about it?” She asked. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the garbage in the bin. “I’m going to send this picture to our boss.” I replied. Luna stamped her feet as she walked away from me. I never actually sent the picture, and went home with the intention to see what was going to happen on my next shift.

When I arrived for my next shift, I saw the bin of garbage still sitting in the laundry room. The same hockey parents were playing poker in the dining room, and I cleaned their entire mess once they all went back to bed, including the removal of all of the overfilled garbage. I put the bags in the garbage bin in the kitchen just like I am supposed to, and waited for Luna to arrive.

The shuttle log had a 4am shuttle scheduled to drop off a guest at the airport. By 3:30, Luna had not yet arrived to warm the van, so I called a cab, and told him to please arrive at 4am. The man I spoke to on the phone is a great guy, he is always on time, charges me less than everyone else who I have called in the past, and he is willing to take passengers on side trips on their way to and/or from the hotel, so I always call him first.

By 3:45 Luna still didn’t show up, and I delivered the bills. When I made it back to the desk, Luna was setting up breakfast. The time was 3:55, and the cab driver was walking through the door to pick up his passenger. “I am still waiting for the guest to check out.” I told him, but I paid him for the ride, and took his receipt. While I was paying him, Luna approached the desk. “Give me the truck key.” She said. I looked at her and said: “When you didn’t show up by 3:30 to prep the van I called this cab driver because I wasn’t sure if you were arriving.” I know Luna heard me properly, but she repeated herself. “Give me the truck key.” She said. I shook my head at her. Luna, I just told you I called this cab driver. You are no longer needed for the shuttle.” I said. Luna scolded me in front of the driver. “They called me last night and told me to be here for a shuttle at 4:00!” I shrugged my shoulders. “Like I said, Luna, when you didn’t show up by 3:30 I wasn’t sure if I should expect you, and since nobody signed your name to the schedule, which would have confirmed for me that you should be expected, I felt it was safer to call the cab. You no longer need to worry about it.” I explained. Luna stamped her feet as she walked away from me. The cab driver laughed, and spoke out loud so she could hear him. His Indian accent made what he said even more satisfying for me. “Wow, she’s a big cry baby.” I laughed hard, and shook his hand. “You have no idea.” I said. The guest arrived late and the driver rushed her to the airport.

While I waited at the desk for guests to wake up, I watched Luna drag her garbage bin into the laundry room where she added more garbage to the pile that she made yesterday. I walked into the laundry room and asked: “Do you really think this is okay?” Luna acted as if I was not there, so I took out my camera again. This time I started taking pictures while she was in the process of transferring the garbage from one bin, to the other. “You know that the housekeepers are going to complain, so why do you do this shit?” I asked. Luna walked away from me. “I’m showing this to the manager when he arrives. It will be convenient because he is relieving me this morning, and he is going to want to know why that garbage is in the laundry room.” I said to her as she walked to the dining room.

I can’t understand why she keeps digging herself a deeper hole.luna2


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