This Is Why I Drink After Work

January 10, 2016

When I arrived at work, there was a hoard of drunk men crowding the front desk, and Stacy stood in the office doorway, hiding from them as they verbally assaulted her, calling her a bitch, and telling her she should be fired. I tried sneaking past the angry group, but someone noticed me, and called me out, asking if I was the manager. As soon as the man asked me that, I had the entire group of angry drunk men screaming at me to fire her immediately, and that they weren’t paying for their rooms, and they wanted upgrades… I saw the dining room was trashed with cups full of beer all over every table.

I was clearly unaware of any issues that occurred before my arrival, but as far as the angry mob was concerned, I was expected to remedy everything immediately. Feeling instantly overwhelmed, and blindsided, I politely excused myself, explaining that I needed clock myself in, and put my stuff away. The group continued demanding my attention as I walked past them, and entered the office where Stacy was shaking near the door. “What’s going on?” I ask. “Don’t worry about it, the police are coming back again.” She said. I could hear the people continue to demand my attention. I ignored them, and went into the laundry room to clock in for my shift, then returned to Stacy for details about the situation. As soon as I returned from the laundry room, the lobby doors opened, and ten police officers entered the building. Stacy rushed out into the hallway to greet them, and handed one officer a piece of paper with a list of room numbers, and the names of the guest occupying them. The list had 30 rooms printed on it. “These are the people who need to leave the building.” She said. Immediately the crowd of guys roared in outrage, and the police began sorting people out. Stacy disappeared into the bathroom, leaving me to deal with both the police, who wanted me to confirm who they are supposed to be kicking out, and the 30 drunk men demanding that I step in, and remedy the whole situation. How am I supposed to remedy anything when nobody is giving me information?

I Stood in front of the computer, and looked at all of their faces, as each individual screamed at me for their personal attention. The shit storm began when the officer started reading the room numbers out loud, and told the group if any of them were in those rooms, they had to immediately remove their belongings, and leave the property. One of the officers walked to my office door, and I let him join me; he stood by my side as I logged in to the computer. Another two officers made their way to the front of the desk, and told everyone to form a line, and wait their turn if they want me to address their complaints. I chose the person who I was going to address first, and ignored the rest, leaving it up to the officers to tell the rest of the group to shut up.

Every person was drunk, and blaming Stacy for the entire mess that had unfolded. They each claimed to be innocent, and insisted that they were not going to pay for their rooms. The officer next to me informed me that this was their second call to the hotel, and that the hockey team was being loud, and disturbing the guests who were sleeping. According to him, everyone was told to be quiet, and remain in their rooms. That was the most information given to me since I walked in, and his story was not matching the guests’ stories, who claimed that Stacy over reacted, and this whole situation was unnecessary. The reality of the situation was, Stacy had the authority to use her discretion, and have the guests removed, and the police were taking her word that it was necessary. The situation was entirely out of my control, and all I could do was try to make sense of it all, and attempted to weed out the hockey group from the rest of the guests so the police didn’t force innocent guests out of their rooms, which they were already in the process of doing.

The very angry, and vocal wives of the men shouting at me began filling the lobby with luggage, and crying children. Stacy remained hidden in the bathroom. I opened each reservation, to discover that instead of them all blocking rooms as a group, making it easier for me to decide if they should get refunds, or discounts, they all made their reservations through third parties. I was completely powerless to do anything with their reservations, and I instantly became the new enemy number one.

Instead of continuing to address each of the 30 guests, I spoke to the entire group: “If you made your reservation online, then I am unable to address any issues involving refunds, and discounts.” The people yelled and scolded me some more, and the police had to yell at them to be quiet. The doors opened, and 5 more officers entered the lobby, forming a circle around everyone. The energy in the building intensified, and I prepared for an old western style shoot out to unfold in front of me. The police looked ready for a fight, and the drunk guys shouting at me were not giving them reason to relax.

My manager called, and asked me what the situation was like. “I currently have 30 pissed off, intoxicated parents, with their children standing in the lobby, who are about to be escorted out of the building, and I have no clue what happened before I arrived.” I said. My manager informed me that he already spoke to both Stacy, and the police Sgt who responded to the original complaints, earlier in the evening. “They all need to leave.” He said. My heart felt like it dropped through my stomach, and wedged itself into my colon. I looked at the officer beside me, shrugged my shoulders, and said: “The manager said they have to go.” The crowd went wild with harsh words flying from everyone’s lips. A man in the crowd threw his cup of beer, and it exploded as it hit the wall behind me. Three of the officers in the lobby tackled him; bouncing his face off of the tile floor. Everyone screamed, and the police grabbed their pepper spray, holding the canisters up, and pointing them at the drunk, pissed off men. Everyone calmed down as soon as those canisters were visible, and the man who threw the cup was dragged out of the building, and placed in the back of a cruiser; his panic stricken wife, and their kids followed. The police got everyone in the parking lot, and began determining who was able to drive.

I called the hotel across the street, and asked their auditor how many rooms they had available. That hotel was nearly empty, and I went outside to inform the crowd that they could go next door to get rooms for the night, and would not have to drive anywhere. There was nothing I could do about their bills, but at least they had a safe option for a place to go without getting back on the highway. To the best of my knowledge, the majority of them chose to go across the street rather than have a long overnight drive, or a trip to jail. Stacy emerged after the place had emptied. I asked her to tell be exactly what happened, but she grabbed her jacket, wished me a happy life, and left the hotel for good.

It took 20 minutes for the operators in the corporate office to call me from the customer service/complaints department. I took exactly six calls from six different operators, and they had five complaints each. I made them aware that I was not the person who decided to make those people leave, and they understood that I could do little to remedy the situation, other than contact my manager. I informed them that it was the manager who made the final decision that forced the people to leave, and I was unable to give them any information about the situation as it occurred before I arrived. The calls ended, and the hotel became peaceful once again. I cleaned all of the beer in the dining room, and made the hotel look presentable again.

I can’t wait to read the customer comments, and reviews about all of this.


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