Luna And The Surprise Cake

Here is another fun story out of my imagination about Luna, and her attempts to end my employment at this hotel.


Luna sits at her kitchen table, looking proudly at the over-sized chocolate cupcake that she is delicately topping with her fresh butter cream frosting. The song “I Put A Spell On You” plays in the background. Using great caution, Luna gently puts the cupcake in a pastry box. When she is ready to go to work, Luna, still smiling with delight at her wonderful creation, gingerly places the box on the passenger side seat of her car. Once she takes her seat behind the wheel, Luna gently touches the top of the pastry box, laughs with joy, and off to work she goes.

When Luna arrives at work, she steps out of her car, and while holding in her excitement, she moves around to the passenger door. Luna takes great care in slowly opening the door, and picking up the box with the treat inside. Slowly, Luna tip toes her way to the main doors of the hotel, and then she moves up to the front desk where Michael, the night auditor is standing.
“Hello, Luna.” He says.
“I have a special gift for you.” She says.
Luna opens the box, revealing her very large chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting. In the center of the cupcake, poking out of the frosting, is a wick. Luna pulls a lighter out of her pocket, and lights the wick; it slowly burns with occasional sparks flying away from it.
“What’s that?” Asks Michael.
“It is chocolate cake, with fresh made butter cream topping. I made it just for you.” She said with a giant grin on her face.
That grin startled Michael. Luna never smiles, and she never offers him anything out of kindness.
“That is very kind of you, but I no longer eat cake.” He said.
The wick slowly burned down towards the cupcake. Luna gets nervous.
“You have to take it. It would be rude if you didn’t take it.” She said.
“It’s not me. My doctor is on my case about eating better. I just can’t eat anything like that now.” He told her.
The wick is more than half way down. Time is running out, and Luna wants that box out of her hands.
“I can’t believe you won’t take this peace-offering.” She said, with sweat appearing on her brow.
“I appreciate the gesture. I accept your attempt to make peace with me, and I think you should share that very large cupcake with everyone, because let’s just face it, we all win when we choose peace.” He said.
The wick was just about to reach its end. Luna panicked, and ran for the automatic doors. Once she made it outside, she ran around the corner. Suddenly everyone heard a loud BOOM! Luna walked back through the doors with frosted cake all over her face, and smoke could be seen rising from the top of her head. Luna stopped in the middle of the lobby, and gave Michael an evil look.
“This is not over.” She said.
Luna limps as she walks over to the pantry, where she sits down with paper, and a pen to work on her new plan to destroy the night auditor.


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