It Feels Good Not To Be The Focus Of Someone’s Rage For Once.

November 01, 2015 12:30am

I had no reservations to deal with when I arrived to work tonight. I sat myself at the front desk, with my laptop, and a coffee. Shortly after I had all of my paperwork taken care of, a man entered the hotel looking for a room for himself, and three kids. I offered them my lowest rate of $89.00, and sent them on their way. There was a young couple waiting behind that family. I assumed that they were just another random walk-in, but it turned out they reserved a room online just moments before they walked in, which made them an unexpected new arrival in the computer.
“How can I help you?” I asked.
The young man gave me his name, and I checked the arrivals list. There he was.
“Did you guys make this reservation from the parking lot?” I asked him.
“Yeah, how did you know?” He said, surprised.
“I checked the arrivals list a few minutes ago, and there were no more arrivals. All of the sudden, here you are.” I said, with a chuckle.
I opened the reservation, and filled in all the missing information; home address, phone number, and I requested a credit card for incidentals. After I had everything filled in properly, I checked them in. Normally the card check runs quickly, and I can check people in almost immediately, but this credit card declined. Oh boy, this could suck. I assumed the problem was with the guest’s credit card.
“I am sorry, but the card declined. Do you have another one that I can add to the reservation?” I said politely.
“That is funny, I just put money in the bank, and I have plenty to cover the room.” He said, while his girlfriend handed me her card.
“Just use this one for now.” She said.
I swiped the card, and attempted to check them in. The system still declined the card. That was odd.
“I’m really sorry, but the card still says declined, but I will try to check you in without it.” I said.
Since it is a prepaid reservation, I should have been able to check them in without taking their card for incidentals. I clicked the check in button, and… DECLINED. What the funk?
“It appears that the issue with the reservation is actually the card that the third-party gave me. I’m sorry, but can’t check you in.” I said, apologetically.
The woman was looking at her reservation information on her phone.
“It says the reservation is still pending.” She said
The guy was also on his phone.“My bank is showing the payment is pending also.” He said. Yippee! It’s not the hotel’s fault!
“What the hell!” Shouted the woman. I think it’s on. “Can you cancel the reservation for us, and start again?” She asked in a calm, but about to explode kind of tone.
“Unfortunately, I can’t change, or cancel any third-party reservations. You will have to contact them if you want them to cancel the reservation.” I said as politely as possible.
She called their 1-800 number. I could hear a man from India answering her call. The woman calmly explained to the man, the issue with checking in. From where I was standing, it sounded like he confirmed that she did, in fact, reserve a room with them, at this hotel, which was not her question.
“I know we have a reservation. I’m standing right in front of the guy at the front desk. He is saying that the reservation is getting declined, and he can’t check us in.” She said.
The man on the phone said something to her about availability.
“No, there are plenty of rooms available. He is not claiming they sold out.” She said, still calm.
I heard the man on the phone repeat something about availability again.
“No!” She shouted into the phone. “I already told you that there are rooms available. You clearly are not listening to me!” She said, with more frustration. Yup, I think maybe it’s on.
I saw her boyfriend take a step to the side to give her some space. At that moment her arm swung up into the air. She was now pissed off, and if he hadn’t stepped away from her when he did, she would have decked him right in the face. It’s definitely on.
“No you fucking idiot! He’s not refusing to accommodate me, he said your credit card declined!” She shouted into the phone. “No, not my card, your card!” It’s nice when that rage is not being focused on me. “Are you fucking stupid or something?” She said to the poor man on the phone. I like this woman.
She walked away from the desk, and started pacing between the desk, and the front doors; they opened every time she got close to them.
“I always let her do the talking. I like to keep my hands clean.” Said her boyfriend.
All I could do was stand at the computer, and wait. There was nothing I could do to correct the problem.
“I have the guy standing right here, do you want me to put him on the phone?” She was now shout-talking.
Her boyfriend gave me a warning look, it was a psychic connection that came with the warning… “She can smell your fear. Remain calm, and don’t make any sudden moves.”
“Listen to me, asshole!” She yelled. “This is not my fault, and it is not the hotel’s fault, so how about you fix this now, or cancel the fucking reservation!” She said. If that guy has any sense, he will cancel the reservation, and get off the phone with her as quickly as possible. I get the feeling she has a secret magical power that will allow her to rip his soul out of his body through the phone, and shred it with her soul shredding vampire teeth.
The woman gently put the phone down on top of the desk, looked at me, and said calmly, but still sounding scary… “He is going to call you now.”
Her eyes sent a chill through my body. The phone immediately rang, and I was quickly speaking to the man from her phone conversation.
“I am calling about an issue with a guest’s reservation.” He politely said.
“Yes, I know. I have the guests right here with me. I am having a problem with the card that you provided. The computer will not let us accept the card that your company attached to this reservation.” I said politely.
“Is your hotel full tonight?” He asked.
“No, sir. We have plenty of availability, and I am more than happy to try to accommodate these guests. Unfortunately the payment that your company gave us declined. I have to ask for another credit card number from you, or I will have to ask you to cancel the reservation.” I said.
“Cancel the fucking reservation! I am never going online for a reservation again!” The woman shouted from the other side of the desk. Did I mention that I love this woman?
“I recommend canceling the reservation.” I quickly said to him.
“If the guest wishes to cancel the reservation, can I confirm that you are okay with this cancellation?” he said.
“I am very okay with that. Please cancel the reservation as quickly as possible.” I said. It’s safer for us all if you cancel the reservation immediately.
“We are all very okay with that!” Shouted the woman. “Never again!” This woman is awesome.
“I will have to confirm this with the guest.” Said the man on the phone. “I just need to confirm that you are the night manager, and you give me permission to cancel the reservation.”
“Yes, I give you my permission to cancel the reservation. Have a good day, sir.” I said, as I disconnected the call. Goodnight, and good luck.
The woman immediately started talking to the man on the phone, and her boyfriend handed me his credit card. I had all of his information on file already, so all I needed to do was swipe his card, and pick a room type for him. I gave him the $89.00 rate, which was $21.00 cheaper than what they paid for the original online reservation.
“Just give me the cancellation number, and tell me how long until I see my refund.” The woman was still scolding the poor guy over the phone.
I handed her boyfriend the paperwork to fill out, along with their room key. He filled it out quickly, and the two of them walked away. The woman was still talking on the phone when they stepped into the elevator. It sucks to be that guy.


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