I Shouldn’t Have To Have This Conversation With A Co-Worker

September 8, 2015 11:30p.m.

Tom and I had one of those man to man conversations about the differences between certain behaviors at home, and being in a professional environment. It was a conversation that grown men should not have to have with each other. I noticed after Tom came back, his behavior and attitude towards his job showed he is lazier than I remember from working with him in the past. Tom often chooses not to print reports, or do a bucket check to make sure every guest folio is correctly filed. He refuses to print incoming guest paperwork, which would make checking people in a much quicker task, and I can add that he often complains when that paperwork is not done before his shift. That is all pretty typical of a 20-year-old, and although it is very annoying, it is not so bad compared to the level of lazy that he has dropped to at work earlier this evening. When I arrived to work, I had to use the bathroom. That is where I discovered that Tom is too lazy to lift up the toilet seat when he urinates. Not only is he too lazy to lift the seat, he also didn’t bother to clean the toilet seat after missing his target several times.
I walked over to where Tom was standing behind the desk. He said.
“Nothing to report for the night. Everyone checked in, and the drawer is spot on.” I replied.
“Tom, we need to talk about something that I think is very important.” Tom rolled his eyes at me.
“What now? I did all of my paperwork.” I took in a deep breath and I simply confronted him.
“Tom, there are certain behaviors that people can get away with at home, but not when they are at work where they have to share space with their co-workers.” Tom gave me his famous stare that means he thinks I am an idiot.
“What the hell are you talking about?” He said while tossing his arms up towards the ceiling.
“Tom, you pissed on the toilet seat in the employee bathroom. There is no excuse for you be that lazy at your place of employment.” Tom shook his head at me in disbelief.
“Oh my god. You are not talking to me like a parent right now.”
“Nope. I am talking to you like a grown man who’s shocked that you would piss on a toilet seat.”
“You sound like a woman, complaining about guys leaving the toilet seat down.” I think he was trying to insult me.
“That is because they have to sit on the toilet seat that you keep pissing on. Do you want to have to sit on a toilet that you could clearly see someone had pissed on? Even men have to sit on the toilet. I do not want to have to use a toilet seat that you were too lazy to lift up before taking a piss.”
“I don’t have to let you talk to me like this.” Tom began to walk away from me.
“I shouldn’t have to clean your filthy yellow piss off the toilet seat. If you want to avoid conversations like this in the future, then I recommend you learn how to properly use a toilet.”
The door to the laundry room closed behind him. I heard the beep that means Tom clocked out. Without looking at me, he walked back through the door to grab his phone and tablet, and he stormed out of the building like a pissed off teenage girl.


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