Luna Won’t Tell Me Why She Took The Drawer Keys

August 30, 2015  6:00a.m.

When I arrived at work last night the second shift person told me that the drawer was over by $9.00, and then he left before I was able to count and confirm the amount. I did count the cash, and the drawer was over, by $219.22. Work was pretty quiet for my whole shift. I did the audit at 3a.m. as expected. By 4a.m. I had to use the bathroom. After using the bathroom, I walked back into the office, I noticed that Luna was in the dining room making breakfast. There was a shuttle at 4:30, so I was not as annoyed at her early arrival. While I was standing at the desk. Luna barged through my office door like Cozmo Kramer on steroids, attempting to startle me; she did. I then watched her toss some keys on my desk, and she tried to quickly walk away before I could talk to her. When I grabbed the keys to see which keys she had, I discovered that they were the drawer keys. I caught up with her in the laundry room.

“Luna, why did you have the keys to the cash drawer?” Luna refused to answer me. I insisted again that she explain why she had the keys.

“Luna, there is no reason for you to have the cash drawer keys. Why did you take them off of my desk?” Luna again refused to speak. I spoke in a much more harsh tone.

“Luna, the money in that drawer is my responsibility, if any money goes missing, then I will be held accountable for it.” Luna turned her head away from me as she grinned and chuckled under her breath when I said that.

“Luna, do I have to count that cash again? I want you to understand that when I count that money, if anything is missing, then I am calling the police and having you arrested.” Luna quickly turned her back on me, and went into the hallway. While I counted the money, her shuttle passenger arrived, and Luna quickly walked the woman out of the building, and drove the woman to the airport. I finished counting the money. Everything was there, but the $100 bills were in the wrong slot. Luna was clearly in the cash drawer when I was in the bathroom. While she was gone, I took the opportunity to lock the office door, and the laundry room door that gives access to the front desk. I then locked the kitchen door and refused to open it until 5:30. I walked out of my office with the door locked behind me to deliver the bills. Luna tried ordering me to open the doors.

“You must open the doors for me. You have no right to lock me out of those doors.”

“Luna, you had no right to take my drawer keys out of my office, and you clearly were going through the money in the drawer. You are up to no good and what ever your plan is, it is clearly intended to cause me problems here at work. I cannot trust you, and now I am locking you out of any room that you don’t belong in. I have to deliver the bills and I am not leaving the office or that cash drawer accessible to you.” Luna tried getting bossy with me by pointing her finger in my face.

“I belong in the kitchen and you locked me out of there.”

“Breakfast does not start until 6:00. I will let you in the kitchen at 5:30. That is when you start breakfast.” I walked away from her to deliver the bills. Luna stormed outside.

When I finished delivering the bills, I unlocked the laundry room door so she could again have access to it, but I kept the door leading from laundry to the desk locked. I also kept my office door locked; which also allows access to the desk. I sat at my desk and waited until 5:30 exactly to unlock the kitchen. Luna quickly walked back inside to get to work.

Early guests started arriving at my desk, and I took care of their requests. Luna tried approaching me to ask me to give her access to my office. She seemed to think that if she requested this in front of the guests that I would feel forced to comply instead of argue with her.

“May I ask why you want to get into my office?” Luna just huffed at me.

“OK, never mind then. I will deal with it later.” The guests walked away, and Luna went into the laundry room to try gain access to the desk. She discovered that door was still locked, so she pounded on it, and I ignored her. Luna kept pounding, and then tried shouting at me through the locked door.

“I need to get to the lights. The dining room lights are off, and I need to turn them on!” The light switches for the dining room were right next to me, so without acknowledging her, I turned on the lights. Luna walked out of the laundry room, and started walking back to the dining room. She saw that I had turned on the lights, and complained to me about it.

“Why are you being so difficult today? You have no authority to do these things.”

“Luna tell me why you had my drawer keys, and include why you were rummaging through the drawer.”

“I didn’t do anything to the drawer.”

“You are a liar. You disturbed the large bills as if you were trying to take them, but changed your mind at the last second. I do actually have authority to do this. Since I am in charge of the hotels safety during my shift. I have more authority than the people who work the desk during the daytime, because I am the only employee in the building during the night shift, and I am responsible for making sure everything is safe, that includes the money, and access to different areas of the hotel. From now on, when I work the desk I am keeping the office doors locked to keep you away from both my office, and the desk area, and I am locking you out of the kitchen until 5:30, which is when your schedule says to arrive for your breakfast shift.” Luna gave me a nasty look and flipped me off as she walked away with her nose in the air. I responded to that.

“Luna, did you ever realize that every time that you attempt to do something here to cause me trouble, it ends up working against you? Are you not noticing this pattern?” Luna turned around and quietly mouthed the words, “Fuck you.” I smiled and said.

“Show up to work at the right time tomorrow morning, because I am locking you out of every door inside of the building, and I will not allow you access; even access to the time clock, until your scheduled shift starts.” I then jingled all of my keys above my head, and I sang. “I have the power, I have the power, I have the power,  and now you’re screwed.”


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