Just Use The Password!

August 25, 2015 4:15a.m.

There is a little old Japanese man staying at the hotel. His tablet is not connecting to his email. He came to my desk looking for help. I tried to offer him my help, but he would not allow me to suggest how to fix the problem.
“I am trying to use my email, but it not sending.” He put his tablet in front of me.
“Are you having trouble with connecting to the hotel Wi-Fi?”
“No. Wi-Fi is connected. I am trying to get my flight information. It says no connection.”
“You need to put in the password for the Wi-Fi before it will connect you to the internet. Let me show you where to do that.”
“No. you can see it says Wi-Fi connected.” He pointed at the icon in his tablets settings. It does say it has found the Wi-Fi signal. What he is not understanding is that his tablet is recognizing that Wi-Fi is available, but it still was not connected. He needed the password. He was also doing everything an old person trying to use modern technology does when they don’t know what they are doing. He started pressing his finger on every app that he had.
“I can help you if you allow me to explain.” He kept pressing random apps just to get the same error messages over and over again. “If you would stop pressing those apps I can show you how to connect. You just need the password for Wi-Fi.” He interrupted me.
“No. Wi-Fi is OK. I need my email to work.”
“I do understand that you want to access your email. If you would allow me to show you how to put in the password, then your connection issues will be fixed.”
“No. Wi-fi says found. It is connected OK.”
“I understand that it says that it found our Wi-Fi…” He cut me off again.
“Yes Wi-Fi is OK.”
“Not yet it isn’t, If you will allow me to show you how to put in the password, then your email will connect.”
“No, look right here.” He was showing me the settings screen. It still said it found the Wi-Fi, but was not actually connected. “Wi-Fi is OK.”
“Did you actually try pressing your finger on that Wi-Fi setting? If you would just do that I can show you where to put in the password.”
“No. No. No. I am telling you Wi-Fi is OK. You can see it right here.” It just isn’t connected! Let me help you connect to it you tiny little wrinkly faced pain in my ass! Press your shaky old guy finger on the Wi-Fi setting! Do it! Ahhh! “No problem with Wi-Fi.” He started randomly pressing apps again. I wanted to snatch that tablet from his fingers and type in the password myself.
“The tablet is saying that it found a Wi-Fi signal, but it still needs the password to connect to it. I can show you if you will just open up that Wi-Fi setting.” Can you guess what his response was?
“No. Wi-Fi is OK.” I want to squeeze your head and see if it pops like a big pimple.
“Sir, if you would just humor me for a moment and allow me to connect you, then I can have you back to what you were trying to do very quickly.”
“No, I need to do it myself.”
“That’s fine. If you would just press that Wi-Fi setting…”
“No. Wi-Fi is OK.” I hate your face! It reminds me of a giant prune. Prunes make me have to poop. Go away!
“Sir, can I offer you a snack and a drink?” Say yes.
“For free?”
“Yes, it will be my treat. You just go ahead and walk to the sundry shop next to the desk and grab yourself any snack that you would like.”
“You are very kind. Thank you.” He walked to the coolers and left his tablet in front of me. I quickly pressed the Wi-Fi setting, and the request for the password popped up. I typed in the password, and returned the tablet to the original settings screen. When he came back he looked at the tablet.
“Go ahead and try to open a web page.” He did so, and magically the page opened up. He smiled and shook my hand.
“It is working now. I don’t know how I did it, but it works now.” I fake smiled at him.
“I am so glad we could figure this out together. Is there anything else that I can help you with?”
“No thank you. You are a very nice man. Thank you for helping me, and giving me a snack.”
“I don’t mind. I am happy help you however I can.” He left the lobby with his food and tablet. I didn’t kill him. I say it turned out well.


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