Room 412 – Empty Room Or Portal To Hell?

8/17/2015 2:45am

The hotel was very quiet all night. I didn’t even have to check anyone in. Nobody walked in off the road seeking a vacancy. I spent the whole shift sitting in near silence with only the hotels usual noises to be heard. The ice machine refilling, the air conditioning kicking on…things like that. The only thing I had to do was answer the phone when another hotel called looking for room info.

I heard the phone ring; it was room 412. I answered it and they hung up. Perhaps they were trying to dial out? I decided to check the computer to see who is in that room. The computer said nobody was checked in to 412. I pulled out the in house bucket and checked the folder for room 412. There was no folio in it. I believe in reasonable explanations for things. There has to be a reason the call came in and it couldn’t be a ghost. I don’t believe in ghosts. I decided to check the rooms next to it just in case I read the phone screen wrong. Those rooms were also empty. Just for shits and giggles I decided to just look up only occupied rooms for the whole hotel. We only have people staying on the first, second, and third floors. The fourth floor is empty. Well shit. Who just called me? I should investigate. This is exactly what the psycho with the ax wants you to do. I decided to man up. I told myself there is no reason to let this freak me out. There was nothing wrong, and I needed to get off my ass and investigate. So I kept my ass right in my chair.

Room 312 was ringing the desk. Good thing I stayed. I answered the call and a woman responded.
“I keep getting woken up by some noise.” Ax murdering noise? “Someone upstairs is being restless.” Walking dead kind of restless? Her saying upstairs kinda got my heart pumping a bit.
“Ma’am, are you sure it is coming from above your room? Perhaps someone next to you is making noise.”
“Oh no I’m sure. I am lying in bed and I can hear someone upstairs. It is right above my bed.”
“Well that is very odd.”
“I just heard a loud thud sound. Like someone dropped something very heavy.” Like maybe a dead body? Is blood dripping from the ceiling?
“A loud thud? And you are certain it was upstairs?”
“Yes, I’m positive.”
“OK I will go check it out for you.”
“Thank you. I am going to try to sleep now.” Perhaps forever?
I went up to the fourth floor, but not without the giant heavy skull crushing flashlight. That the crazy lunatic in room 412 will take after ambushing me so he could use it to create wall art with my brains. I took the elevator. It made a creaking noise as it began it’s lift upwards. That did not improve the thoughts running through my head. The doors will open and there will be a guy wearing the skin of the lady in room 312; waiting for me to step out, and then bam! Lights out. The elevator dinged, and the doors opened. I stood there and waited for a moment. Nobody was there, and as the doors began to close I stepped out. 412 is in the middle of the hallway. The whole floor was creepy quiet. I very slowly walked down the hallway. When I reached 412 the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I used the flashlight to knock on the door, and then I stepped back a step or two. I waited for the door handle to turn and then watch as the door slowly opened up. That never happened. I stepped forward again and knocked with my fist. There was nothing answering me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the room key. I slid key into the lock and turned the handle with my left hand while holding the flashlight with my right hand; ready to swing at anything greeting me on the other side. I pushed the door all the way open. Nobody was standing there. My legs felt like jello as I stepped through the the doorway. First I looked in the bathroom. It was clear. I moved my way past the bathroom and saw that the bed had all of it’s sheets pulled away at the foot of the bed, and there were no pillowcases on the pillows. Not only was the room unoccupied, but the housekeepers still had to finish preparing the room. There was nothing out of the ordinary about that room. I was satisfied and decided that me and the lady from 312 are both going insane. I locked up the room and stepped back into the hall. As soon as I started walking away I experienced a loud floor shaking thud. It sounded like 412. I looked at the door for about five minutes expecting something to happen. Nothing happened. I opened the door. There in the room I could see all of this…nothing. The room was still empty. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, and sat in my chair at the desk. It was quiet for the rest of my shift. No phone calls. No knocking, no thuds, no creepy dead girl talking to me through a closed door. Just me, my Netflix, and my coffee. Nothing to see here folks. Just a normal quiet night at work. Did I check the closet in 412? Nope.

Note to maintenance: There is something living in 412’s closet. Please kill it before it kills you.


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