That Time I Saved A Wedding Party, And Was Rewarded With Cupcakes And Boobs.

8/16/2015 3:27am

There is a wedding group staying at the hotel tonight. They had a shuttle in our shuttle log scheduled at 11pm to pick them up from the reception and bring the wedding party back to the hotel. When I arrived to work the driver who is also the maintenance guy was waiting for them to call for their ride back.

At 11:15 I received a call from a group of those wedding people. The driver left and another call came in for a ride. When the driver came back with the first group I sent him back for the second group. Shortly after that he returned again. I asked him if he had everyone, and he said yes. It was 11:45 and at that moment he went home.

12:05 came around and I received a call. It was a bridesmaid looking for the shuttle. I told her that I had to contact the driver to send him back. The woman immediately put the bride on the phone. The bride explained to me that they were expecting him to return and demanded to know why he didn’t return right away. That was when the other line rang. I had to ask her to let me put her on hold so that I could put this incoming call on hold. She agreed, and I answered the other line.
The caller was another wedding person. I tried explaining to him that I was trying to contact the driver, and he also insisted I explain the problem to him. The most irritating thing about this was that I knew he was with the bride who I was trying to talk to so I could resolve the situation. This man knew I was talking to the bride, and he was interrupting the process so he could try to be the man who called and got shit done. I told him I was in the process of contacting their ride. He said OK and hung up.
It was at that moment that two people walked in off the road looking for a room. I had to address them since they were right in front of me; which meant I was still not contacting a ride and I had a upset bride on hold. I told the people what the rate was for the night and they just walked away. I was happy to watch them leave.
My phone rang again. The bride was calling back. I told her that I was resolving the issue and asked for her patience. I was trying to be as polite as I could. Then another call came in from a room; it was the brides mother. She wanted to explain to me that there was an issue with the shuttle. Then she felt the need to tell me that she had too much stuff in her car to pick them up. The entire time I had to deal with all of those people wanting me to tell them how I would resolve this issue; what I wasn’t doing was resolving the issue. I explained to the mother that I was aware of the problem and I was in the process of arranging a ride for them. She was satisfied with my answer, and let me go on with my job.
I got back to the bride and told her my driver had told me that he picked everyone up, and that I was unsure why he never returned for her. I promised her that I was getting her a ride immediately. She was not happy and told me that there were still 14 people still needing a ride; all of them in her bridal party including herself and the groom. I apologized for the mix up and told her again that I was getting her a ride right away. She gave me her cell number so I could contact her with more information after I arranged the ride, and she let me go.
As soon as I was off of the phone with her I called the driver/maintenance guy. When he answered I told him that he never picked up the bride and groom; including the bridal party, and he told me. “Call them a cab.” Right then an expected arrival showed up to my desk. The man stood there watching me as I spoke to the maintenance guy. I said on the phone. “Please don’t put me in this situation. You did not pick up 14 people who were expecting their shuttle.” He said. “Listen I just got home and I am off the clock. You are just going to have to call them a cab.” I was blown away by this. I said. “Do you understand what you are doing to me here? I have 14 people stranded and you want me to just call a cab, and hope they will be able to accommodate me after midnight at the very last minute?” He just said. “There is nothing that I can do about it. I am off the clock.” He then hung up his phone.

I immediately turned my attention to the gentleman standing in wait for me to check him in. “Fun night?” He said in a humorous tone. He could see I was upset. I said. “Super funtastic.” I checked him in as quickly as I could and sent him on his way.
Once that guy was out of my way I went for our pile of taxi cards. There is one number who has always been reliable for me when I am in a bind, so I called him first. Unfortunately he was working a previously arranged pick up that was taking him out of town. I thanked him and went on to taxi number two. No answer. Three times a charm? The third taxi answered quickly. I told him my situation and he agreed to help, and explained that it would take more than one trip. I was fine with that and gave him the address to where the people were. Once I had him on his way I called the bride back, and told her to expect the cab. She ultimately was happy that I was getting them a ride, and I assured her that the hotel would be paying the bill for their ride. About twenty five minutes later people started arriving, and they seemed to be in a good mood. The bride and groom was first, and some bridesmaids followed. I apologized for the mix up and they thanked me for getting everyone home.

The rest of the night went smooth. Twice the bride came to the desk; giving me a cupcake each time. Eventually I had to ask some of the wedding party to use the dining room if they were planning to stay up late and drink. They accepted my offer and kept shouting my name saying how awesome I was for not making them shut down the entertainment; plus there were pancakes that they were very grateful to have access to. They had a small stereo playing. Salt n Pepa came on. The song was Let’s talk About Sex came on. That was when two of the bridesmaids stood on the couch and pulled up their shirts exposing themselves. They shouted the lyrics to the song, shook their chests a bit, had a good laugh, and returned their shirts to their proper positions. It will be 4am soon and I expect to see Luna any time after that. These people clearly have more party in themselves and watching Luna react to drunk 35 year old people who like taking their shirts off.


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