Luna Sets Herself Up Again

8/16/2015 6:19am

I let the Wedding people who were still partying in the dining room use the pool early. I figured it was the best way to keep the peace since they were still being loud. Luna arrived at 4am. She saw the people in the pool and gave me a dirty look. She said. “Why are those people in the pool? They still have their cloths on.” I smiled and said. “Well earlier they were starting to strip in the dining room. If they are wearing cloths in the pool then I think there is nothing to complain about here.” Luna shook her head as if I were being disgraceful. A guest who woke up early came down to get some fresh coffee. Luna greeted him with her usual kind act. The man was happy to see her. Luna said to the man. “I hope you enjoy the coffee. I just made it fresh with you in mind.” The man smiled at her and said. “I just saw you arrive a few minutes ago. Didn’t the guy at the desk make this coffee?” I spoke up from across the lobby. “Yes I did.” Then I smiled at Luna. She said. “I have a shuttle to do this morning. I should get the van ready.” I watched Luna walk down the hall and enter the office next to my desk Where we keep all of the keys. I was standing in the doorway watching her as she opened the key box. I could see her reach inside and grab for some keys. As I peeked around the corner to get a good look at what she was doing, she quickly put her hands in her apron pockets. “Where are the keys?” She asked me as if they were missing. I said. “Phil had them last. I watched him put them back in that box.” Luna never once looked at me. “Well I don’t see them. You need to call him and ask him where they are.” Luna walked out of the office with both hands in her apron pocket. I said. “Luna, Phil put the keys away before he left. I watched him do it. There was nobody else here last night to take the keys.” Luna kept walking down the hall, but she didn’t stop at the dining room. Luna kept going all the way to the end of the hall where the side door leading to where the van is parked. I stood at the desk and watched as moments later Luna was parking the van next to the front door. She walked in the building turning her head away from me as I started to acknowledge her presence. “Where did you find the key Luna?” I asked. “Don’t worry about it.” She said. I replied rather sternly. “Well Luna, when you tell me keys are missing and then insist that I call people at five in the morning to find those keys, and then I see you just moments later driving the van with the keys that you claim went missing, I think telling me not to worry about it is a pretty wrong answer to give me.” Luna kept her face turned away from me; she kept walking. Clearly Luna did not want this confrontation. I decided to walk into the pantry. “So Luna, since I watched Phil put away those keys, and I watched you take them and hide them in your pocket, what was the point of lying to me about it?” Luna kept her back to me as well as she could. “So I am gonna ask you again Luna, why do you hate me so much?” Luna let out a huge sigh. She wanted nothing to do with this conversation, and I was annoying the shit out of her. “Oh I’m sorry Luna, am I bothering you? Do you not like it when I confront you after you try to cause trouble?” That was when Luna spun around and looked right at me. She even pointed a finger at me. “You set me up the other day.” I smiled. Luna continued. “You told me that you put that note under the door and I had to explain to the boss why Phil had pictures of me with a wire under the door. You lied to me in order to trick me and get me in trouble.” I laughed for a second and then reminded her of the rest of that story. “Luna, you wrote that letter with the intention of trying to make me believe that it was written by a manager so that you could try to trick me into doing your work for you. Do you remember that part? You know the part where you started out that whole incident with a lie and manipulation to try to intimidate me.” Luna turned her back on me again. “What you did to me could have gotten me fired. It was embarrassing.” She said. “You set yourself up for it.” I said. Luna stood for a moment unsure of her next move. I just finished what I had to say. “It’s OK Luna. I already sent the email with my report of all the issues that I had during my shift. I sent it right after you took off with the van.” Luna turned her head towards her left shoulder when I said that. “Did you write about the keys?” She asked with some concern in her voice. I just said. “Don’t worry about it.” Then I walked away from her. During the time of that conversation, the people who were in the pool got out and returned to their rooms for dry cloths. They saw that Luna had been putting out breakfast so they returned to eat. Luna welcomed them in her fake nice grandmotherly way. They loved her and proceeded to tell her how I made their entire night a blast and it was me who saved them from having a bad time. Luna had to listen to all of it and pretend that she liked me. I stood in the middle of the dining room with my arms folded across my chest and a huge grin on my face while I watched Luna force herself to pretend to like me for 20 minutes. Her shuttle passengers arrived and she was saved from that hellish moment in her life.


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