It Looks Like You Broke Your Hand. Would You Like Some Cranberry Juice?

July 29, 2015  3:00am

The hotel sold out last night. I only had one person left to check in, and he showed up within ten minutes of me clocking in. I checked him in to his room, handed him his key and ran the audit. With the hotel full there is no chance I can do more business for the day so why wait till 3am, when I can do the audit, create my reports, email them and get the morning bills ready within the first hour of my shift? All I had left for my shift is to sit back in my chair, drink my coffee and watch shows on Netflix.

At 1a.m. The door opened, and a 60 something year old white haired guy, who reminded me of my Uncle Bob walked in. I was prepared to tell him we are sold out. He pointed to my empty arrivals bucket.
“How come I don’t see my paper there? I guess you just were waiting for me to get here huh?” He chuckled a little when he said that.
“Actually sir, we sold out tonight. Everyone who is supposed to check in has already done so. I don’t have any other expected arrivals. Could you be at the wrong location?” I said.
“No, I stay here all the time. My name is Higgins.”
“Unfortunately Mr. Higgins, I don’t have a room here for you tonight. I checked in my last arrival shortly after I arrived. Are you sure your reservation is for the 28th?”
“Yes, I’m sure. There is an auction tomorrow morning. I’m sure there are other people from my company staying tonight. I stay here all the time.”
“I did see your company on the list of people staying, unfortunately there are no rooms left, and everyone is checked in.”
“Well would you please check to see if my name is there please?”
“I can do that, sir, but like I said, there are no more available rooms. Everyone who has a room has checked in.” He smiled at me like he was sure if I checked I would see he is correct.
“I was told they called you about my reservation. How about you check for my name. Is there a bathroom I can use down here?”
I told him where to find the bathroom and I checked my in house list. I might as well check it. Perhaps someone checked someone into his room earlier…Nope. He returned with a big grin in his face.
“You found me didn’t ya?” Oh boy I get to tell this guy again that he never had a room here!
“I’m sorry, but as I said. Your name is not on y list, and we sold out tonight. I unfortunately do not have a room for you.” He still didn’t quite catch on to the part where the hotel has no more rooms. While his attitude changed from jolly old guy to pissed off old guy I checked the arrivals for the 29th.
“OK, here is what is gonna happen from here. I am going to call and wake up my boss. He is going to be pissed off that I am waking him, and I am going to make sure that his rage is pointed in the correct direction” He was pointing at me.
“I’m sure nobody wants that Mr. Higgins. Are you certain you were supposed to check in on the 28th? Because I have you here arriving the 29th.” He stopped and stared at me with his brain bouncing around in his head. He was not expecting that.
“Shit! She set me up for the wrong day. It looks like I need a room for the night.”
I know the hotel across the street has rooms. I can call them and arrange for you to have a room there if you want.”
“But I like staying here. Just find me a room for the night. I will pay the full price for the night.”
“I understand if this hotel is more preferable for you, but like I keep explaining, we have no available rooms right now. I can call the hotel across the street…” He cut me off.
“Listen. I am a platinum rewards club member. A platinum member is allowed upgrades and rooms on demand. I know that you know this. Now get me a room.”
Can someone out there please tell me why this is is such a common issue for me? I cannot get away with telling the dead hooker in the private reserve room story a second time.
“Although that is true, I am stuck in a situation where all of our rooms are currently occupied. I cannot offer you any upgrades, and I cannot put you in a room for the night.” He slapped his hand on the desk so hard that he actually injured himself. I could see the pain in his face. He was trying to hide the pain by yelling at me.
“OK, now listen to me you idiot. I don’t care what you have to do! You get me a fucking room, and you do it right now!”
“Mr. Higgins, I think maybe you are hurt. You should have your hand looked at.”
“You just worry about getting me in my room, or it’s your job.” He was holding his hand up by his chest; trying not to move it. It was already starting to get swollen.
“Mr. Higgins. Let’s be serious here. You know very well that I cannot help you with a room for the night. There are no threats that you can make that will change the amount of rooms we have here. You know sold out means nothing is available. What is important now is your hand. It is clearly broken. You need to see a doctor.” He was standing in front of me with a broken hand, and all he wanted to do was continue insulting me.
“Are you a fucking retard? Do you think I don’t know when I need a doctor? I need a room, and it’s your job to get me one.” I promise, I was trying not to get mad at this guy. I really wanted to not be an asshole this time. He called me an idiot, and retarded for not having a single available room on a sold out night. He knew once I saw his room was for the 29th that he was just out of luck, and he would not let me make arrangements with the nearby hotel to give him a room for the night. He slammed his hand on my desk so hard that he probably fractured most of the bones, and all he wanted to do was insult me. He broke his own hand. How am I the idiot here? I pretended to type on my keyboard for a second.
“Well it looks like you are in luck. The hospital suite is available. Unfortunately that room is not at this location. Would you like me to arrange for transportation? I can call the V.I.P. Service that we have set up for platinum members. It’s just an ambulance, but they come to you, and they won’t turn you away; even if they have limited availability.” I picked up the phone and waited for him to insult me again. Clearly the pain in his hand was getting to him.
“Just get me some ice OK?” I put down the phone, and I grabbed an ice bucket bag. I walked to the nearby ice machine, filled the bag and walked it back to him. Mr. Higgins gladly put the ice on his hand. “I will drive myself.” Mr. Higgins then left the building, but returned immediately. “How do I get to the hospital?”
“Would you like me to call the ambulance now?”
“That might be best.” I called the non emergency number, and offered him a seat in the lobby. I then filled a water pitcher with more ice and some cranberry juice from the dining room juice dispenser. I put the drink on the table next to him and filled a cup for him.
“Feel free to help yourself to this juice. I have a feeling you are going to have a bit of a wait until they arrive. The juice will not help your situation, but it is cold, and gives you something flavorful to sip on while you wait. Feel free to watch television if you want.” I then walked away from him, and returned to my desk where I went back to watching Netflix. The two of us never spoke to each other until the paramedics arrived. Mr. Higgins was about to walk out the door when he asked me about his room.
“Will you still have a room for me later?”
“Yes. It will be ready at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We look forward to having your company.” I smiled, and they left.


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