Luna Complains Again

July 19, 2015 5:30am

Luna showed up to work her usual chipper self. Since we had a full hotel last night I decided to put out some of the cold cereal and breads just in case some people are early risers. Luna noticed that I had two trays of cinnamon rolls on the hot trays. She grumbled to herself. “Why does he always put out two?” Luna then noticed again that I put away the stack of plates that she keeps between the hot trays. After she replaced the plates in their “Danger zone” as I like to call it due to how close those plates sit to two heat lamps, Luna noticed that she still had to restock the cooler with milk and yogurt. I am pretty sure it was the yogurt that set her off. Luna scolded me from the dining room as she approached me at the desk. “Why are you doing this to me? Stop doing these things to me.” I actually did not do anything.
“What are you talking about Luna?”
“I am going to write a letter to the managers just like you did to me. I am going to tell them how you sabotage my work in the mornings.”
“How do I do that Luna?”
“You keep moving my plates, you keep wasting my cinnamon buns, and there is no yogurt and milk in the cooler.”
“Luna, we have talked about these issues before. The plates are a fire hazard. I will always move them when you place them near a heat source. As far as the cinnamon buns go, there are two hotplates on that display. If you only put out one tray then you still have an exposed hotplate, which means someone will eventually burn themselves on it if one is exposed. You are also violating the hotels safety policy when you refuse to cover that exposed hotplate. The lack of yogurt in the cooler is the result of your not restocking it at the end of your shift yesterday.”
“I cannot restock everything anymore, they are making me go home early these days.”
“Nobody is making you go home early. Your shift starts at 5:30am and ends by noon at the latest. That gives you plenty of time to both clean up from the current breakfast, and restock for the following morning.”
“But I usually work until 4 in the afternoon. They are cutting my hours. I don’t have the time to do all of my work and restock everything before I leave. You have to pitch in.”
“You are a breakfast attendant. There is no reason for you to stay here that late. Don’t forget Luna, I did your job. It only takes 30minutes to set up breakfast, and about an hour to clean up after breakfast. You should have had the yogurts restocked yesterday, but instead you’re holding a grudge because the new hotel owners are making management watch your hours. I am not doing your work for you simply because you’re upset that you are no longer getting away with sucking overtime out of this hotel.”
“You are a very unreasonable person to talk to. You know, my 5 year old granddaughter has more respect for me than you do.”
“That’s because she’s your grandchild, and you’re probably not a complete bitch to your grandchildren.”
“That was rude.”
“Yeah, I guess. Hey! Do you remember that time when you told me to go fuck myself in front of that old lady? Boy that was a hoot!” Luna went back to getting breakfast ready.


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