Yup Those Are Your Boobs

Two drunk women stepped out of a cab and entered the hotel. Both women walked to my desk. “We need a room, please.” Said the taller one.

“Sure, have you stayed with us before?” I asked.

“We sure have.” Said the tall woman. She gave me her name, and I started searching for her profile. “Can you give is a break on the rate?” She nudged her friend, with her elbow and they both lifted up their shirt, exposing their boobs.

“Are you impressed?” I think we have some nice boobs for being 40 years old.” Said the shorter woman.

“Well, that was unexpected. Also, it appears that you’re already checked in. Do you need a second room?” Both women put their shirts down.

“Oh shit!” Shouted the short woman. “We checked in already!”

“Oh yeah… We got so drunk, we forgot!” Both women started laughing like it was a best joke they ever heard.

“We showed him our boobs, and we didn’t even have to!” Both women erupted with laughter again. “What room are we in?”

“208.” I said. I made them each a new key, and they stumbled their way to the elevator.


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