We Keep Serial Killers On The Top Floor

My night at work was quiet. Nothing interesting happened… Oh wait! I was just delivering the bills to people rooms. I got the other end of the 4th floor, and was about to go down the stairs to the 3rd floor when I heard a door open and close at the other end of the hall. I saw the reflection of a person stepping out of his room and just stop. The person was looking in my direction so I turned around to see if they needed my attention. I saw a full-grown man wearing a brown robe (tied shut) and fuzzy white slippers. He was wearing a Michael Meyers mask. He held up his bill next to his head to show it to me. “If you have any questions about your bill, I will be back at the front desk in a few minutes.” I said.  He turned, and walked back in his room. WTF?


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