The Coffee Sucks Tonight

May 18, 2015 2:08am

As I was counting the cash drawer a guest arrived; my manager checked him in. While I was counting the change he kept commenting to me on how many coins there were and that I sure had to count lots of them. He kept making me lose count. Whatever. He walked to his car and I went on with my shift change work. Another guest arrived to check in. His room was under a different name and it took some time to figure out that it was his secretary who made the reservation and it was her information that I was looking at. While I was trying to get his correct information the first guest came back and started asking me what pizza place he should call. I told him politely that I was unsure about which one was open this late. I went on with correcting the current reservation information. Then the first guy started asking me if we had a business card he could use. I didn’t have one available but I told him the address that he was looking for. I couldn’t help but think how oblivious he was to how rude he was being to both me and the current guest trying to check in. The current guest was polite. He could see I was trying to be professional in front of a rude person. I got him off to his room after comparing his credit card info to what I had on the reservation.

The first guest re-approached me and told me his co-workers were supposed to check in tonight, but were unable to show up until tomorrow. He wanted me to make sure to hold the rooms. I looked under the arrivals list and saw no reservations for them. He started listing a bunch of names that it might be under. Nope. No rooms for those people. He called his boss and told him there was an issue with the reservations. His boss told him to have me make new reservations with the company card on file. I opened the reservation for this guy in front of me to get his card info. As I was looking over the information I noticed it said his reservation was made on…You guessed it!! I didn’t want to go ahead and make new reservations until I knew how the room was being paid for. So I reminded him that his reservation was made online and if he believes there should be two more reservations then he needed to contact to make sure there wasn’t an error. He told me not to worry about it and just make the new reservations with the card we have on file. I told him that he would have to contact to do that if he wants to use the same credit card used to pay for his current room because they are the ones his company paid for the room. He was confused. People are always confused. I hate you I had to explain to him that the card we have on file is from and not his employer. I cannot make a reservation on behalf of using their credit card information. He called his boss again. While talking on the phone he pulled out his email from the company secretary stating something about contacting her if more rooms are needed….bla bla bla…his boss is going to call in the morning to make the new reservations. He walked away. I was glad to have him gone.

The second guest came back almost immediately. His key wasn’t working. I had to reprogram it. When I looked up from the card reader there was a new person standing in front of me. He surprised me because I had no clue he approached the desk. I handed the keys off and asked new guy how I could help him. “419” Was all he said. I looked at him waiting for more words to come out of his mouth. He just stared at me like he expected me to know what he wanted form me by saying a number. “Is that a room you are looking for?” I asked. “Yes” was all he said. I looked at him some more. I was confused why he won’t just say what he needs. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He just keeps looking at me the way paranoid conspiracy theorists look at people who they suspect are secretly judging them and don’t want to give them any information because they think it could be used against them. If this is his room then why didn’t he just say who he is and that he needs a key to his room? So I asked. “Are you already checked in to this room?” He leaned towards me pressing himself against the edge of the counter. Looking me in the eye he said “Yes” in a way that showed he thought I must be some kind of moron for having to ask this question. I opened the reservation that the room was attached to and asked for his name. The name on my screen didn’t match the name he gave me. I told him this. He gave me another name that did not match. “Just make me my key please.” He said. “No.” I said. “I can’t just make a room key for a guy who randomly approaches me at night and tells me to let him in a room without first proving to me that he belongs there. Do you have I.D.?” He pulled out his credit card. “Here just put it on this.” He said. I looked at him some more. I watched the expressionless look on his face just staring back at me. The guy can’t prove to me who he is so he is trying to pay to get in? “I can’t just take a credit card to let you into the room. Someone already checked in. You have to prove to me that you belong in the room.” He just stared at me. I could see the gears grinding in his head as he considered his next move. His lack of expression never changed. “Are you here on business?” I asked. “Yes” was all I got out of him. “What is the name of the company?” He said the name I have on the reservation in front of me. Finally we are getting closer to figuring out who this asshole is. “OK so I see this company name on the reservation. So why are you checked in a room but have no key? Are you just arriving?” “Don’t worry about it.” That was his answer. “I don’t consider that a very good answer.” I said. “You have not given me one good reason to believe that you belong here. Stop being difficult. I am not giving you a key until you prove to me without a doubt that you belong in that room. Show me some I.D. or get out of my hotel.” He handed me his drivers license. It was the same name I had on the reservation screen, but not any of the names that he tried using when I originally asked who he was. I wanted to grab this guy by the shirt collar and start punching him in the face until my hand broke. I double checked the in house bucket and saw that the registration card had another persons name on it. (One of the names he listed originally but was not on my screen) The name was crossed off by the second shift desk attendant and his name was written next to it. All he had to do was tell me his name, and show me his license from the get go, and none of this bullshit would have happened. I made him his key and reminded him that was all he had to do; we could have gotten through with this issue very quickly. He shrugged his shoulders at me and walked away.

We are out of our usual dark roast coffee. All we have is Folgers. Tonight is a train wreck.


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