When I arrived at work there was a lady who was already pissed off because she was under the impression the hotel had a shuttle driver 24 hours a day, and she didn’t think  she needed to schedule in advance.  “What do you mean, I didn’t schedule a shuttle? Your website says you have an airport shuttle!” Said the angry woman to my frustrated coworker. The woman made a fuss until the current desk attendant agreed to pay for her cab in the morning. I would have started with that, had I been the one dealing with the issue. The woman left the desk unsatisfied. She was getting what she needed, but the situation could have been handled better.

The pissed off woman, who was checking out at 5, called the desk to ask me if I was ready for her cab. I get bored, and people with her attitude annoy me, so that was my fun time.  “Where are we going?” I asked.

“You can do whatever you do, but I am leaving at 5 and want to make sure you are ready for the taxi driver.”

“I have my own ride ma’am; I don’t need a taxi driver.” She paused was silent for a moment.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, sir. I just need my ride to the airport, and I want to know if you are ready for that.”

“Mam I don’t give rides to the airport. I am a Night Auditor. I can’t leave the hotel until the morning shift arrives.” She was getting bothered.

“No sir, I need my taxi!”

“Oh you need me to call a cab? This is cutting it close on time.”

“No, I already arranged for the driver to be here at 5.”

“I am a bit confused then. What do you need me to be ready for?”

“I was told you would pay for my cab ride, because you guys don’t have a shuttle, even though you do have a shuttle. I could see it in the parking lot.”

“Oh I see…We don’t have a 24 hour shuttle driver on call. You have to arrange for the shuttle when you make your reservation.”

“I know this now. I talked to the man yesterday about it.”

“Oh Okay,  so you just need me to pay the cab driver.”

“Yes!” She was clearly relieved that I understood.

“I just need the driver to give me a receipt. With the exact amount on it. Or I can’t pay him.”

“I don’t know if he has one.” She sounded worried, and annoyed.

“Oh I am sure he will have one. They always do.” I assured her.

“What happens if he doesn’t have any?”

“Well then you would be responsible for the bill, but no worries, that only happens once in a while.”

“I’m on my way down their, and I better not be late for my flight!” By the time she came downstairs the driver was at my desk, and I was paying him.  He also charged $45.00 to drive the lady to the airport. That was after he told me it would only be $40.00. I paid him, and grabbed the receipt. As they were walking out the door I told the driver…

“$45.00 seems like a great deal of money for a ride to the airport. Does that include a doughnut delivery also?” He chuckled and kept walking. I heard the angry woman talking to him as they walked out the door.

“I don’t have to pay you, right” She asked.

“Just the tip, ma’am.” He said.

“Yeah, like I haven’t heard that a hundred times before!”



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