Speed Swimmer

June 28, 2015 3:30am

A young guy came walking very quickly into the hotel. I was just completing my audit. He was acting funny and high strung. This kid had far too much energy. When he spoke his words were so fast they were almost difficult too comprehend. His eyelids were open so wide that I could see both of his eyeballs almost entirely. His skin was dark brown and he had been sweating heavily in his red t-shirt and blue jeans. He was about 6′ tall and leaned on the counter. He was leaning so far on the counter that he was invading my personal space. This kid is clearly on something.
“I wanna use the pool. Let me in the pool.” He said in a hurry. I looked him in the eye. I asked. “Do you have a room here?” He said, with more urgency. “Yeah! I got I.D!” He pulled out a glossy red card from his pocket. It is clearly not an I.D. I could not make out what the card was and did not want to take it from him. I could see him shaking due to his one leg bouncing up and down at speeds that might break through the sound barrier. His focus quickly changed when he saw the water jug we had on display. “Let me grab some water. Can I have this water?” He was at the water table and already had the tiny cup almost spilled over with ice water before he even finished the sentence. He drank the water like a sponge, then he refilled his cup and absorbed that one also. Clearly he did not belong at the hotel. I spoke a bit more aggressively. “How about you back up a little.” He immediately took a seat in one of the lobby chairs. “What is your name and what room are you staying in?” His leg was still going like a jackhammer. I was surprised he wasn’t punching a hole in the tile floor. “I need a room.” He said to me. I looked at him and said.” I thought you already said you were staying here?” He responded like he was irritated with my questions. “I need a room I just said!” Then he stood up. “Let me in the pool.” He sprinted towards the pool windows. I grabbed the giant heavy flashlight that is under the desk and I held it in the air. “The pool is closed. You are not a guest here so get out.” He said. “I just want to use the pool.” Then he sprinted for the water again. “Can I have more water?” He was already spilling it all over the place. I tightened my grip on the flashlight and walked out the office door, and was around the corner at the front of the desk and by his side in seconds. I shook the flashlight towards his face and said. “You have to leave now! I will not give you a room! You cannot use our pool!” He dropped the little cup of water and ran out the door as I finished yelling at him. “Get the hell out of here right now!” Once he was out the door I saw him look to his left towards the exit, then he jolted to the right and ran behind the building. As quickly as he made that course change I saw a local police car drive past the front door and then it went around the little parking area in front of me. I assumed the kid was just trying to hide from that cop and that was why he actually entered the hotel looking to get access to the pool.
I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked to the north end of the hotel. At that exit I could see the police officer parked near the dumpster. He had that kid in handcuffs. When he saw me he told me that he would come to the desk to talk to me in a few minutes. I politely told him to take his time and I waited for him at the desk. He finally came in after about fifteen minutes. He asked. “Do you know that kid?” I said. “No. He rushed in here demanding access to the pool.” Then I told him the rest of the details. I was surprised when the officer said. “I was just doing my patrol. You know, I was just driving around your parking lot like I always do, and I saw that kid running behind the building. It seemed odd for someone to be doing that so I figured I could cut him off by the dumpster.” I confirmed that the kid did indeed run around the building and he did not belong here. I said. “Once he left and I saw your car drive by I assumed he was hiding from you the whole time he was here.” “ No.” Said the officer. “I have no clue who he is. I just saw him running around the building and it seemed out of place. I think he’s on something.” I said. “I am certain he is on something. As far as him doing anything wrong I have nothing to offer you other than the fact that he was trying to get access to the pool. I had to walk him out the door to get him to leave, but he did not fight me or resist in any way.” The officer said. “Alright. I’ll get out of your hair.” He turned and walked down the hall towards the north exit.


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