Sorry, You Have To Find Your Own Prostitute

June 21, 2015 2:44am
There was a man at the hotel who was about 5’8″ with a small beer gut. His brown hair was short and uncombed, but not too messy. His big round thick glasses made him look like he belonged with the Trailer Park Boys. He looked like a guy who has traveled a long distance. First I watched him walk past my desk. I said. “Hello, how are you?” He acted like I caught him off guard. “Oh uh I’m OK How are you?” He kept walking until he was outdoors. A moment later he walked back and came right to the desk. I asked. “How can I help you?” He nodded and looked me in the eye. It was like a nod in a spy movie when the one secret spy makes a gesture to show the other spy that they are both legit and know what’s up. He smiled and asked. “Do you have any entertainment numbers?” My brain quickly registered what he was asking for, but I didn’t come out and say it. “Do you mean like pizza places and movie theaters? I can give you a list of places to go for fun. We have Destiny USA nearby. They have an IMAX theater, go cart racing, a mirror maze, laser tag…” His face showed clearly that I was not correct in assuming he wanted snow cones and bowling with black lights. “There are also some miniature golf places near by. Would anything like that help?” His brow squished inward. He didn’t want to have to say what it was that he was looking for. “Um not that kind of entertainment.” So I said. “I guess I am confused. What are you looking for?” He brushed his hand through his hair and looked towards his feet. Then he looked up again and said in a much lowered (let’s keep this between us) voice. “You know, I mean like escorts?” I projected my voice clearly. Anyone on the first floor not in a room could have heard me. “Oh I see. You’re looking for female company.” He got visibly uncomfortable and motioned with his hands like he wanted me to keep it on the D/L. “Uh yes anything like that?” I kept projecting my voice. “Oh sorry we don’t have a list of numbers for escort services. This is a family hotel. We have kids staying here.” “OK” was all he could seem to say, then he walked very briskly to the elevator.


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