Sometime You Just Drink Too Much and Forget Where You Belong

July 9, 2015 2:15am

An old man walked into the hotel. I watched him stop in the lobby and look around; he had a confused look on his face. I asked. “Can I help you with anything?” He waved me off and went to the elevator. About 20 minutes passed by the time he returned to the lobby, and dropped his room keys on my desk. He said. “My key doesn’t work.” When I looked at the key packet; I noticed that they key cards were different. We do have a few of that type of key card, but he never use it. I asked for his name and looked for his reservation. He was not in my system. I looked up the room number on his key packet. There was someone else occupying that room. When I explain to him that I could not find his name in my system he said. “Am I at the wrong hotel?” I smiled at him and said, “I think you are. What hotel did you check in to?” He said. “I don’t know. I’m drunk. So I got dropped off at the wrong hotel?” I said. “It seems that way. Did you take a cab?” He said. “No I got a lift from someone at the bar. He was more wasted than I am.” His phone rang; it was his wife asking where he was. Once he was off the phone he asked me, “Where am I supposed to be?” I said. “I am unsure which location this card is from. Do you recall what street it is on?” He said. “I think it is near Sweetheart Corners.” I let out a laugh that came deep from my belly. I said. “Sir, you are nowhere near Sweetheart Corners.” He looked at me for a short moment and said, “Shit. Call me a cab and grab me a beer will ya?” I happily called him a cab. We don’t sell beer here so he was out of luck. I think he had enough anyways.


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