Luna’s Eggs Will Never Burn Your Mouth

Luna, walked in to work thirty-minutes early. As much as I love my time at work without her their, that wasn’t a problem for me. I did notice that she started working without clocking in. I think that is a problem, but not my problem. What was a problem for me was that she put hot food out, only five minutes after she arrived. There was no chance that she heated any of that food to the correct temperature in that small window of time. She had a full tray of scrambled eggs, and two full trays of sausage; one pork and one turkey. “Luna, it’s 5:00. It’s too early to put hot food out. Breakfast starts at 6:30.” I said.

“You shut your mouth. I know what I’m doing.” She said.

“When you say, you know what you’re doing, do you mean, you are aware of your actions? Or, do you mean you are well aware of food service regulations? I gotta be honest, Luna, there is no way you heated that food properly in five minutes.”

“Excuse me, but I have been doing this for a long time. You just sit at your desk and do what you do best; doing nothing while others work.”

“Right. Luna knows best.” I said. A guest walked in to the dining room to get coffee. He was surprised to see that food was already displayed. Luna saw him, which meant there was opportunity for her to suck up to him. The adoration she received from hotel guests was her drug of choice. I learned that the reason Luna always got away with stuff was because she put on a big show for guests, and in return the guests found her lovable, and always gave the hotel great reviews. Management knew she treated her co-workers poorly, but that didn’t matter, because the better the reviews, the bigger the bonuses in managements paychecks.

“Welcome to my home away from home! Let me make you a cup of coffee, and a plate of food. You just sit down and relax.” She said, pulling out a chair for him to sit in. He looked so pleased to receive such kind service from a hotel that is not full service. “Do you want some scrambled eggs and sausages?” She asked.

“Yes, that would be nice. Thank you.” He replied, with a smile.

“How do you take your coffee?”

“Two creams, please.” Luna got him his coffee, and immediately filled a plate with eggs and sausage. I was watching the whole time. Luna was so proud of her performance. She placed the food on his table.

“There you go, my love, hot and fresh just for you.” She said before walking to the kitchen. I watch the guest put a fork-full of eggs in his mouth. He immediately reopened his mouth and let the eggs fall out, back on to the plate. His pleased expression turned into a grumpy face.

“My fucking eggs are cold.” He said in a tone that suited the expression on his face. I tried holding in my laughter. Who couldn’t see that coming? I mean, besides that guy. Luna rushed back to his table.

“Oh I am so sorry. Do you want me to make you more eggs?” she said.

“Do you think I’m stupid? You’re just going to reheat the same eggs.” He said. Luna’s eyes grew wide. She was not accustomed to that type interaction with a guest. Luna needs the guests to love her, not despise her for serving cold eggs. The guest got up, and started walking towards the door.

“Pardon me, sir.” I said. “I couldn’t help witnessing what just happened. I am sorry about that. I have a gift card for Cracker Barrel, next door. They open at 6:00. Please accept this gift card, and my apology.”

“You know what? Thank you. I have time to wait, and that sounds nice.” He said. I gave him the card, and he walked away.

“At least the coffee is hot!” He shouted as he walked outside. I watched Luna, take the food off the hot plate display, and return all of it back to the kitchen. Upsetting a guest when she was trying to acquire his love was a hard hit for Luna, but what bothered her the most was knowing that I witnessed it. I felt satisfied.


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