Luna Tries To Be The Boss Again

Sometimes, a guest will need something brought to their room. Since I am the only person on the property, I have to make the deliveries. I was returning from dropping off a pillow, when I saw Luna, standing in front of the office door that I locked before I left the desk. “Why were you not at the front desk?” Asked Luna.

“Why do you need to know? I asked.

“You were not their and I want to know where you were.”

“Again, why do you need to know?”

“It is because you were not at the desk.”

“Why is this so important to you?”

“It is your job to be at the desk. You are not to leave the desk area again.” She insisted. That was an order.  I laughed, and that upset her. “If you walk away from the desk again, I will have you written up.” She said.  So I walked into my manager’s office. I grabbed some disciplinary papers, then I went to make a fresh cup of coffee. As I walked past Luna, I handed her the papers.

“Go ahead and try that out.” She took the papers and walked into the pantry with them. I’m curious about what would happen if she made an attempt to discipline a co-worker.rotten


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